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Kevin Lee’s stanky leg moment in Barboza fight gets a viral dance remix

You probably didn’t know you needed this in your life, but you do.


Things took a very bad turn for Kevin Lee three rounds into his fight with Edson Barboza when the resilient Brazilian managed to hit him in the head with spinning wheel kick. The blow, which by all rights should have left him unconscious forever in a shadow realm, had him staggering around the Octagon before he managed to semi-recover and shoot for a takedown.

Lee would go on to win that fight on the judges’ scorecards, but for many people it’s not Lee’s endless Khabib-style beatdown on Barboza that they remember. It was his stanky leg after eating that kick right to the skull. Now Instagram video editor RayRod, already well known to MMA fans for his Super Saiyan McGregor and Cerrone clips, is paying homage to that stanky leg and the results are amazing.

What a strange, strange trip that is. I’m partial to the Family Feud reference because Steve Harvey is life. And unlike Colby Covington, this vid references The Last Jedi AND Avengers Infinity War but without spoilers. Be more like RayRod. Not Colby Covington.

Here’s the Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone vids from RayRod. And there’s way, way more to enjoy on Instagram page.

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