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Highlight: Ian McCall gets knocked out in 10 seconds by Kyoji Horiguchi at Rizin 10

Ian McCall’s run of terrible luck continues with a one punch knockout in Japan.

It took just 10 seconds for the Rizin 10 main event in Fukuoka, Japan to end, with former UFC flyweight contender Kyoji Horiguchi taking out fellow UFC veteran Ian McCall with an overhand left in the opening exchange. Watch the finish here:

Or check out the full fight, which makes the finishing blow look a bit less impressive.

McCall initially called it an early stoppage, but admitted he was less sure later that evening.

“I came here to die and I think I punched him once,” a dejected McCall said during the post fight press conference. “I don’t know, I have to watch it again. It’s really embarrassing, so I don’t know. Truly sad. ... I have to go home and talk to my family, see if I want to do this anymore. I have other opportunities in life, and I’ll be honest ... maybe this sport has passed me by. It’s a lot to think about. And to think it has, it hurts. I never really got to show the world how good I am.”

The latter half of McCall’s career has been an endless stream of bad luck, with his days in the UFC ending after an endless parade of last minute pull outs and fight cancellations. In his Rizin debut in December, McCall was bounced out of the promotion’s flyweight tournament after cutting his forehead on the ring ropes. Now this 10 second knockout.

We feel for you, “Uncle Creepy.”

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