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Highlight! Cruickshank headkick KOs Matsumoto and flips him the bird at Rizin 10

A huge finish followed by a not so classy moment. Watch the highlights here.

Former UFC fighter Daron Cruickshank snapped a two fight losing streak in Fukuoka, Japan on Sunday morning, knocking out Shooto champion Koshi Matsumoto at 3:50 of the first round with a vicious head kick at Rizin 10. The knockout came off a clinch that saw Cruickshank hit Matsumoto with a big knee to the midsection followed up by a quick foot to Matsumoto’s face that sent him crashing to the canvas.

Cruickshank, continuing to play up the ‘foreign villain’ heel role he’s adopted in Rizin, threw a middle finger in the unconscious Matsumoto’s direction as the ref waved off the fight. Watch it now:

Here’s longer video of the moments before and after the knockout:

Afterwards, Cruickshank apologized for the profane gesture.

”Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you,” he wrote on Instagram. “Today I got the bear.... I don’t know why I flipped him off at the end, I regret doing it. I have the up most respect for my opponent, the Japanese people, and The whole Rizin organization.”

The win puts Cruickshank at 20-10 overall and 3-2 in Rizin. Matsumoto had a three fight win streak in Shooto snapped and drops to 19-9.

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