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Midnight Mania! Jerome Rivera suffers nasty arm break at LFA 39 against Brandon Royval

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

A fight between Jerome Rivera and Brandon Royval didn’t go as planned tonight at LFA 39, as Rivera found himself on the receiving end of an arm break so nasty, it makes Anderson Silva’s leg break look downright palatable by comparison.

The arm ain’t supposed to bend that way.

What’s odd is that it’s difficult to tell exactly what broke Jerome’s arm. In case you wanted to see it slowed down frame by frame, the internet has you:

The arm break joins a litany of limbs losing structural integrity in the course of a mixed martial arts bout. While certainly one of the hazards of the job, getting a bone broken in the cage is never fun to watch- or to experience. Best of luck to Jerome in recovery.


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