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Midnight Mania! Fedor Emelianenko opens as favorite over Chael Sonnen in Bellator Grand Prix

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Fedor Emelianenko rolled back the clock this past weekend, knocking out fellow aging veteran Frank Mir in a fight that somehow managed to pack an entire narrative, including momentum swings, Fedor getting knocked down, getting back up to land a gorgeous Judo throw, and then knocking Frank Mir out cold, into less than fifty seconds of action.

Next, he faces up-cycled middleweight Chael Sonnen for a spot in the final. While Fedor has always been a small heavyweight, and hasn’t faced a consistent wrestler since Matt Lindland in 2007, he opened as a favorite over the American, at -200. Fedor’s power, sambo experience, and submission skill is evidently weighted higher by the bookies than an undersized Sonnen’s wrestling chops.

Sonnen, of course, disagrees, and has gone on record recently discounting Fedor’s wins in Pride due to alleged match fixing. UFC commentator Joe Rogan is also on record saying he thinks the rampant steroid use in Pride made it a different era for fighters.


This is going to be fun

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