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Pic: Star-Lord star-struck by MVP, throws down ‘Gauntlet’ at Bellator 200

“The Natural” would have been proud.

The last time we saw Star-Lord, he looked like the bottom of Cigarette-Smoking Man’s ashtray.

Fortunately, the man behind the mask (No, not Peter Quill, he’s dead too) is alive and well, yucking it up with the Guardians of the Paramount Network for Bellator 200 last weekend in London, England.

Chris Pratt ... (hold for fangirl screams) ... is apparently enamored with Michael “Venom” Page, who treated David Rickels like Thanos treated the other half of the universe. Too bad “MVP” didn’t just snap his fingers, as that would have sent us to commercial break — and an ensuing beer run — that much quicker.

Pratt can next be seen reprising his role of Owen Grady — which makes me wonder aloud why he wasn’t dressed that way when Rickels has been known to do this — while Page can next be seen arguing with Paul “Semtex” Daley.

In other news, UFC was in Liverpool the day after Bellator 200 and every single actor who played a role in the DC comic book movies was in attendance. But just like at the box office, nobody noticed.

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