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Dana White doesn’t want to s—t on Chuck Liddell, so he’ll s—t on ‘Oscar De La Arum’ instead

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White was just as depressed as the rest of the mixed martial arts (MMA) community to learn that Chuck Liddell, 48, is likely to end his retirement and make a return to cage fighting.

Against longtime rival Tito Ortiz.

Orchestrating the comeback is retired boxing whiz kid-turned-pugilistic promoter Oscar de la Hoya, who wants to throw his hat into the MMA arena — like he once tried to do with Affliction MMA — and sell “The Iceman” to the same rubes who still think Ken Shamrock is “The World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

That doesn’t sit well with White, who lamented the news during the UFC Liverpool post-fight press conference (watch it), while taking potshots at fossilized fight promoter and staunch UFC hater Bob Arum.

“I hope he’s coming out of retirement to be partners with De La Hoya and not to fight,” White said. “I hope he doesn’t fight. Oscar De La Arum is not that bright, but I don’t know what he’s thinking. The last thing I want to do is shit on Chuck Liddell, because I love him, but I asked him to retire 10 years ago for a reason.”

He also did little to save that cushy executive job in the front office.

Liddell already holds two wins over Ortiz from the glory days of UFC, back when both combatants were the two biggest names in MMA. They tried for a third time under the guise of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) reality show, but it fell apart midway through the season.

Speaking of things that fell apart, “The Iceman” retired in 2010 after dropping five of six, a span that included four losses by way of knockout.

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