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Behind-the-scenes of a pro MMA debut: Andrew Richardson, Ep. 4

Four episodes in, I think most everyone reading knows the deal by now: I made my professional mixed martial arts (MMA) debut nearly two months ago (March 31, 2018) fighting at the Gladiator Challenge: “Redemption” event at Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, California.

I’ve always written up analysis about my amateur fights, but we were able to expand upon that coverage by flying out Case Harts, an MMAmania/BloodyElbow videographer who captured the entire process of making a professional cage-fighting debut.

That whole process was captured in the first three episodes of the documentary. In the first Episode, Case introduced my background as a writer and fighter and showed what regional MMA weigh-ins can be like. Episode 2 then covered the day of the event — including warm ups, hand wraps, and finding out who my opponent would be — and finally Episode 3 mostly focused on the fight itself.

So what’s left? Well, my favorite part really. Episode 4 focuses on the post-fight activities of Krispy Kreme donuts and interviews, but it also shows a lot of my non-fighting interests including tattoos and SPIKEBALL! The stress of fighting is gone and life is good.

There’s still just a bit more left to cover, as my teammate and co-host Andrew Coyne also competed that night and is featured in this episode. Coming soon is coverage of his fight, so stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes bonus footage!

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