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Dana White on McGregor vs. Khabib: ‘I can see that happening’

While the UFC president continues to play coy about Conor McGregor’s future, he did admit a fight with Khabib was likely.

There’s been no movement on the Conor McGregor front, despite word that UFC president Dana White was set to meet with the promotion’s mercurial star during UFC Liverpool weekend. According to MMA Junkie’s John Morgan, ‘unforeseen scheduling conflicts’ kept the two parties from getting together as originally planned, but fortunately it sounds like there won’t be too much of a delay.

”Conor and I are going to meet in Vegas,” White said during the UFC Liverpool post fight press conference. “Yeah, he and I haven’t seen each other since New York. We haven’t seen each other, we haven’t talked, nothing. So we need to see each other soon.”

As for McGregor’s future, White is still refusing to say much other than they’re waiting for McGregor’s June 14th court date in New York before making any firm plans. But he was willing to tease what we all know is undoubtedly coming sometime in the fall of 2018.

When a reporter asked him about a Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor fight, White said “I’m pretty confident that that is the fight that Conor wants ... and I’m pretty confident that is the fight that Khabib wants. So I can see that happening.”

Barring another McGregor freak out leading to more arrests and legal issues, of course. Let’s just hope Conor isn’t chasing Jon Jones’ GOAT screw-up title.

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