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Check out the whack Till vs. Thompson scorecard that has everyone bugging out

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After a hard fought five rounds, fans and judges were split on who won the main event at UFC Liverpool.


After a weigh-in screw up that almost derailed everything, UFC Liverpool’s main event went ahead and ended with Darren Till earning a decision win over Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. But the scoring wasn’t without controversy as the winner according to the judges was different than the majority of MMA media watching the event.

While all three judges in the Echo Arena scored the fight for Till, it was almost unanimous across other outlets that Thompson had won.

Take a look at the official scorecard, and then the media scores:

One of the first things Dana White discussed when sitting down at the UFC Liverpool post fight press conference was the decision.

”My phone is blowing up, everyone is texting me ‘Robbery!’ and ‘Till won!’” White said. “After the fight they all looked at me and asked who won. I said I have no idea. Every round was so close. When you have rounds that are so close you almost lose track of scoring and trying to figure out who won. It was a tough fight to score.”

What do you think of the decision? Did Darren Till score a hometown decision or did he earn that victory over a tough “Wonderboy”?