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UFC Fight Night 130 results: Arnold Allen taps Mads Burnell in crazy comeback win

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Manuw vs Anderson Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

England’s Arnold Allen and Denmark’s Mads Burnell threw down today (May 27, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 130 from inside the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England, live and free on FOX Sports 1.

Allen came out with a sharp one-two. Burnell landed a heavy leg kick. Allen landed a front kick, came in with a combination but ate a one-two from Mads. Mads Burnell landed another overhand, ate a one-two, drove for a takedown. Allen got an overhook and tried to defend against the cage. Burnell shifted to a bodylock but couldn’t land the takedown. Allen reversed position, then broke away, Burnell landed a sharp uppercut. He slipped to the outside on the southpaw Allen and landed that overhand again. Allen jabbed and moved. Burnell ate a couple body kicks, slipped a left, slipped another left to the inside and shot in, landing an excellent takedown. He established top position and tried to pass guard, but Allen retained. Burnell landed some ground punches from half guard, and Allen managed to stand straight up from guard. Burnell timed another shot, Allen got right back up, and when Burnell attempted a throw at the bell Allen stayed on top.

Allen looked sharp in the opening seconds with another sharp one-two but Burnell drove through for another double-leg. Allen looked to stand against the cage and was immediately dragged back down. He got up again straight away, and broke into open space. He threw a jumping switch, Burnell used that head movement to time another shot and took Allen down again. The Brit, stuck in half guard on the bottom, looked to create space, but Burnell rode out the rest of the round on top.

Allen just couldn’t stop that shot in the third round either, getting back to his feet but getting picked up and put down again. Burnell tried another takedown from the clinch but this time Allen defended. Burnell ducked for a single and Allen looked for a kimura but Burnell defended and landed the takedown. Allen got up quickly, and looked for the neck of Mads Burnell. He locked up a modified guillotine, flipping Mads Burnell to his back, and Burnell had to tap!! Amazing comeback win for Arnold Allen! It was basically a rear-naked choke from the front, very pleasing to watch.

Allen said Burnell had improved a lot since his last fight, and he was extremely happy to have his father in his corner, ribbing his dad, who was next to him, saying that his dad took a lot of steroids when he was younger- not him though, he is clean as a whistle.

Official result: Arnold Allen def. Mads Burnell via submission (front choke) at 2:41 of round three

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