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UFC Fight Night 130 results: Makwan Amirkhani edges Jason Knight by split decision

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Allen vs Amirkhani Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Featherweights Jason “The Kid” Knight and Makwan “Mr. Finland” Amirkhani squared off today (May 27, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 130 from inside Echo Arena in Liverpool, England, live and free on FOX Sports 1. Both men were coming off losses that had tarnished their prospect status, and were looking to get back into the win column. Amirkhani — who has had one fight per year since 2015 — was back for his annual bout.

Knight came out behind a jab and threw out a leg kick and front kick that grazed Amirkhani’s face. “Mr. Finland” attempted a couple lead hooks, then a flying knee. Knight caught the flying knee and got the takedown but was instantly reversed, pulled guard, and Amirkhani taunted him from top position before letting him back up. Knight ate one of those lead hooks and Makwan taunted him again. Knight beckoned him to come on and they began exchanging punches. Knight landed a couple front kicks, ran forward with a blitzing combination. Amirkhani caught him, half-dumped him, and they got back to the feet. Amirkhani was taunting Knight a lot. Knight landed several kicks and Amirkhani patted his midsection. Knight dropped Makwan with a clean uppercut! He tried to dive on Makwan’s back but Mr. Finland shucked him off and got back up. Knight dropped him again a few moments later, and again dove for the submission, this time looking for a triangle. Amirkhani defended it, got into another triangle and got swept, got out of that one too. The round ended with Knight not having finished or submitted Makwan... bizarre decision making from Knight, who probably could have landed some ground and pound but seemed to really want that submission win.

The second round began and both guys were talking back and forth. Amirkhani attempted a flying knee, nothing doing. Knight landed a front kick to the midsection, then the knee. He ate a jab from Amirkhani. Amirkhani was basing his striking attack off a winging lead hook that was landing, but Knight was connecting too. Knight drove forward with a combination and Amirkhani ducked and got a takedown. Knight looked for submissions from the bottom. Amirkhani stood back up, over Knight, taking kicks to his kneecap. He beckoned Knight to stand. They traded hooks. Amirkhani landed his hook a couple times, got a bodylock, took Knight down. Knight recovered guard up against the cage, looking for his rubber guard sequences. He spun for a kneebar but the round was over.

Knight started the third round with kicks to the lead knee of Amirkhani. Mr. Finland changed levels and Knight pulled guard mid-shot, accepting the takedown. He hammered Amirkhani with heels to the kidneys while holding rubber guard with his other leg. Amirkhani postured and attempted to pass guard, but couldn’t. He did get Knight flattened out but Knight went right back to rubber guard, locking Amirkhani down. Makwan wasn’t doing much from the top and after Knight said so to the ref, he got a standup. Amirkhani drove in with a one-two that Knight slipped. Amirkhani got to his bodylock and Knight defended but ultimately ended up on his back again. Amirkhani landed a couple shots before Knight locked up his rubber guard again. Amirkhani passed the guard and Knight looked to spin out, but Amirkhani stayed in top position and landed a couple more punches to close out the fight. They both stayed kneeling after the bout, acknowledging each other. Knight seemed a little disappointed, shaking his head.

Amirkhani said he definitely got inside Knight’s head and called out Cub Swanson, then told a random story about Jimi Manuwa, sitting in the crowd, wearing a cross on a trip to the Muslim Caucasus- “I’ve never seen a guy as crazy as this”. That was not related to anything in any way, besides being an entertaining anecdote.

Official result: Makwan Amirkhani def. Jason Knight via split decision (27-30, 29-28x2)

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