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Midnight Mania! Michael Page made his opponent quit, but will he ever fight someone legit?

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MMA: Bellator 200 - Michael Page vs David Rickels Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Michael “Venom” Page is a master of theater, of tricks, of props, of self-promotion, of looking really good against opponents who shouldn’t be in the cage with him.

He’s not a man ever in a rush for a step up in competition.

That was never more clear than tonight at Bellator 200, as he styled on David Rickels, eventually causing Rickels, after a taunt, to turn to the ref and say he had had enough. That kind of “No Mas” moment rarely happens in MMA (Vasyl Lomachenko does it routinely to world class opponents in boxing) and it was a sign of just how far below his skill level ‘MVP’ is punching.

A ‘real’ opponent, Paul Daley, who has fought the best foes available- sometimes to his detriment, as in his last fight- is still angling for a fight with the Brit. Somehow, despite Bellator’s desire to book him against MVP, he has not managed to get locked in a cage with Page thus far. Let’s hope it finally happens.


Update on Ray Borg’s daughter from Borg himself:

Nick Diaz has been arrested for domestic battery, which doesn’t look good, and the UFC, very diligent on these matters, promises us they are going to investigate. Yes, Greg Hardy is still fighting on the Dana White contender series, why do you ask?

This report from Diaz’ associate Justin Golightly (not the one from the internet) makes me wonder- is this, by chance, the same girl I wrote about in 2017 that said she was sort-of married to Diaz. Obviously that wouldn’t exonerate Diaz, if the charge is true.

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A post shared by Angela "Overkill" Hill (@angieoverkill) on

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