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Bellator 200 results: Live 'Carvalho vs Mousasi' streaming play-by-play updates

Gegard Mousasi
Bellator MMA

Bellator 200: “Carvalho vs. Mousasi” takes place TONIGHT (Fri., May 25, 2018) at SSE Arena in London, England, featuring the latest title defense for dominant Bellator Middleweight champion Rafael Carvalho (15-1) against the vastly more experienced multi-time world champion Gegard Mousasi (43-6-2).

This international card is packed with flavor. The undefeated Michael “Venom” Page (12-0) stares down popular “Caveman” David Rickels (19-4, 2 NC) and former Light Heavyweight champion “Mr. Wonderful” Phil Davis (18-4, 1 NC) will face two-time No. 1 contender Linton Vassell (18-6, 1 NC), among other exciting main card bouts.

Bellator 200’s main card will start at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of the Bellator 200 card, including the “Prelims” undercard action from earlier today.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 200) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Rafael Carvalho vs. Gegard MousasiMousasi TKO 3:35 R1.
Michael Page vs. David RickelsPage via verbal sub (strikes) 0:43 R2.
Phil Davis vs. Linton VassellDavis KO 1:05 R3.
Aaron Chalmers vs. Ash GriffithsChalmers technical sub (guillotine) 1:54 R1.
Anastasia Yankova vs. Kate JacksonJackson UD 30-26 X2, 29-27.
Mike Shipman vs. Carl NoonShipman TKO 0:11 R1.
Anatoly Tokov vs. Vladimir FilipovicTokov sub (guillotine) 0:56 R1.
Daniel Crawford vs. Pedro CarvalhoCarvalho SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Charlie Ward vs. Martin HudsonWard TKO 2:23 R1.
Kevin Fryer vs. Costello Van SteenisVan Steenis TKO 1:27 R1.
Charlie Leary vs. Tom GreenLeary TKO 4:58 R2.
Kent Kauppinen vs. Walter GahadzaGahadza sub (RNC) 2:04 R2.
Jahreau Shepherd vs. Marcin ZywicaShepherd TKO (doctor) 5:00 R1.
Mike Ekundayo vs. Tom MearnsEkundayo TKO (injury) 1:02 R2.
Amir Albazi vs. Iurie BejenariAlbazi sub (RNC) 3:21 R1.


Rafael Carvalho vs. Gegard Mousasi

The reigning champion Carvalho comes in at 15-1 seeking to defend the crown nobody has yet to take from him since he won it in 2015. Former DREAM and Strikeforce champion Gegard Mousasi comes in 43-6-2 looking to add more gold to his collection. Mousasi sports a six fight win streak along with the blue gloves and trunks. The champion Carvalho sports brown trunks and red gloves. Mousasi fights out of Leiden, The Netherlands and Carvalho fights out of Curitiba, Brazil. Our referee is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Mousasi takes the center and Carvalho circles on the outside. Mousasi lands the first strike via leg kick. A loud MOU-SA-SI chant breaks out. He checks a head kick from Carvalho then misses with a spin kick. Mousasi shoots and gets a takedown just past the one minute mark. Carvalho gets back up 15 seconds later but gets taken right back down. Carvalho gets up again looking for a standing kimura but Mousasi leg trips him and struggles until he gets his left arm free. Carvalho stands up and Mousasi stays glued to his back. Two minutes gone. Mousasi slips behind Carvalho and drags him to the ground again. Mousasi tries to posture up and Carvalho tries to create distance with the knees, but Mousasi gets full mount at 2:44. This is bad news for the champ. Mousasi is calm and composed while Carvalho is eating unchecked right hands once Mousasi slips to his back. Miragliotta watches the lack of defense from Carvalho on the ground and waves it off. THIS ONE IS OVER.

Final result: Gegard Mousasi wins via technical knockout at 3:35 of the first round.

Michael Page vs. David Rickels

Rickels comes in 19-4 (2 NC) for our co-main event. The undefeated local hero Michael “Venom” Page comes in a perfect 12-0. Rickels brings out a fake snake and bites the head off of it, prompting Ranallo to joke “I hope PETA wasn’t watching.” He sports blue gloves and gold trunks for tonight’s fight. Page sports the red gloves, black/red trunks, and a pair of shades as he dances his way down the ramp. Rickels fights out of Derby, Kansas and Page out of London, England. Our referee for this fight is Rob Hinds. He gives final instructions as the fighters have an angry staredown.

Round 1: Page sidesteps his way toward the center as Rickels circles around him on the outside. He misses with a leg kick. Page steps in and out with an exchange. Page has his hands very low — almost down around his knees. Rickels is bringing his hands up when he steps forward but otherwise they’re down around his waist too. Page lands a solid one two and a jab. Rickels comes forward and eats an uppercut for his efforts. It’s hard not to think of Anderson Silva in his prime when you watch Page - the footwork, the dancing, the at-times lackadaisical attitude, the accuracy. Rickels throws a hard right hook as we pass the halfway point. Spinning heel kick by Page connects. Even “Big” John McCarthy is referencing Silva now on commentary. Page strikes a pose and lets the crowd react as Rickels stares at him. A loud M-V-P chant follows. Page drops Rickels with a right hand, connects with a second, then lets Rickels stand back up. 48 seconds left in R1. Page is following Rickels around the cage and taunting him verbally. Rickels tries a spinning backfist but misses. Page lands a 1-2 combo and starts breakdancing. That’s a 10-9 for Page.

Round 2: Rickels nearly eats a front kick to the face seconds into R2. He’s creamed by a right hand 24 seconds into the round and there’s blood spraying everywhere. I think Page just broke his orbital bone. Rickels has verbally submitted. This fight is OVER! Page puts on an Infinity Gauntlet afterward.

Final result: Michael Page defeats David Rickels via verbal submission (strikes) at 0:43 of round two.

Phil Davis vs. Linton Vassell

Vassell is out first with the black trunks and blue gloves. His career record coming into the night is 18-6, 1 NC. Davis has his signature pink trunks and sports red gloves, a career record of 18-4, 1 NC for tonight’s opening fight for the main card of Bellator 200. Vassell fights out of Milton Keynes, England and Davis fights out of San Diego, California. Our referee in charge is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: No glove tap from these two at the start. Vassell takes the center and Davis circles with his right hand cocked high. Vassell throws a leg kick and jabs with his left. Davis throws a hard leg kick and Vassell nearly upends him by “swarming” on him. The next kick Vassell grabs his foot then throws a hard slapping kick to Davis’ left leg. Davis paws with the left and throws a right cross as he circles. Vassell eats a hard leg kick and a left jab. Vassell catches a kick and throws an overhand right. Davis gets a takedown and Vassell pops back up, but Davis goes right after it again. Vassell breaks free as we pass the half point of R1. Leg kicks from Vassell. One in kind from Davis. Both men tag each other but Vassell is the one who ends up momentarily off balance. He also lands an overhand right. He lands a right and a knee and Vassell has backed up to the fence, who seems a little flat footed. He charges forward to end R1 but that’s a 10-9 to Davis.

Round 2: Vassell opens with leg kicks as Davis dances and jabs. Vassell is warned not to keep his fingers outstretched. Davis throws to the body and takes a right on the chin. Vassell charges forward but doesn’t land a big shot. Leg kick and overhand right for Davis. Another kick for Davis, and another, and now it’s Davis’ turn to catch a kick and take Vassell down, looking to take his back on the ground. Davis lands some right hands and tries to go North-South but Vassell gets back up and throws a knee up the middle. Davis goes for the muay thai clinch and the two spin around in the war of underhooks. Roberts warns them to keep fingers out of the cage and the knees clean. They break at 3:30 and Roberts puts the mouth guard that Vassell lost earlier back in. Vassell shoots for a takedown and muscles Davis to the ground, but Davis does a back door escape and he has Vassell’s back. Vassell tries to sweep and double and Davis rolls with him back to his feet. Right head kick by Davis. 10-9 again for Davis.

Round 3: Vassell is pawing with jabs to open R3 as both men are warned to tuck their fingers. Davis checks a low kick and circles. Looping overhand right misses for Vassell and Davis follows up with a kill shot right head kick, walking around the cage and bowing to the crowd after his fourth career KO!

Final result: Phil Davis wins by knockout at 1:05 of the third round.

Aaron Chalmers vs. Ash Griffiths

Georgie Shore reality TV star Chalmers comes into the night 3-0 sporting red gloves and black trunks fighting out of Newcastle, England, while his more experienced opponent Griffiths doesn’t have a exemplary record as he comes in 4-6 out of Harpole, England wearing the blue gloves and black trunks. Our referee is Rob Hinds and the Georgie Shore cast are watching at ringside.

Round 1: Chalmers bounces back and forth on his feet until Griffiths shoots for a takedown and gets it, but he pops right back up immediately. Griffiths keeps trying to get him back down against the fence as he switches from a single to a double leg. He gets that takedown but Chalmers seems unconcerned by a potentially illegal knee Griffiths threw as he stands back up at 1:35. Chalmers tags Griffiths with a hard right hand that wobbles him, then he stands up with his stunned foe and leans back hard for the guillotine choke - Ash Griffiths goes out without tapping!

Final result: Aaron Chalmers wins via guillotine choke at 1:54 of the first round.

Anastasia Yankova vs. Kate Jackson

Yankova is 5-0 in the red gloves with gray trunks and matching top, fighting out of Moscow, Russia. Jackson is 9-3-1 in the blue gloves with red/green trunks and black shirt with no sleeves, fighting out of Cornwall, England. Our referee in charge is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: An immediate quick exchange by both women leads to Jackson pushing Yankova into the fence throwing knees. Yankova takes her down in response but Jackson sweeps to the top against the fence and takes full mount in surprisingly quick fashion. Jackson throws lefts as Roberts warns her about shots to the back of the head.Jackson sinks the right arm under Yankova’s neck but Yankova spins and turns on top. Jackson reverses and puts Yankova against the fence, landing hard left hands as she works to take the back again. Roberts warns Jackson to target the strikes carefully. Yankova eats multiple left hands as she fends off the right arm from going under her chin. This has been a very one sided beating, far more so than anyone could have imagined. Yankova is going to be lucky to survive. Now Jackson is pummeling her with elbows as she looks to take side control or another mount. Hammer fists to end the round. 10-8 Jackson.

Round 2: Jackson wastes no time pushing Yankova into the fence and throwing multiple knees. Yankova tries to post off the fence with her left foot to no avail. Now the knee strikes hit the legs and the thighs before Jackson drops levels on the high crotch. Yankova tries to counter the takedown but Jackson still manages to come out on top — literally. Yankova eats grind right elbows to the head before Jackson backs off, avoids upkicks, and goes for a guillotine as Yankova stands up. She lets it go when it’s not there and puts Yankova back on the fence. Yankova tries to widen her stance as Jackson looks for another takedown. Roberts senses a stalemate and calls for more work, also asking them to watch the headbutts. Jackson rolls a leg submission but lets Yankova on top in the process, where she lands some solid left hands and a few elbows. Still a 10-9 round for Jackson.

Round 3: It only takes 14 seconds for Jackson to push Yankova into the fence again. Jackson takes the back and Yankova gets a warning not to grab the cage. Jackson moves to the other side and looks for a leg trip or a high crotch single. Jackson throws hands and Yankova gets off a knee. Roberts warns them about headbutts again. Jackson throws a left to the chin and drops levels as Roberts says “Make it work or I’m gonna break you up.” She tries and ends up letting Yankova on top in the process. There’s not much mustard on Yankova’s left hands, but she spins to side control and starts looking for a crucifix or a possible armbar. Jackson escapes and now she’s on top in side control with under a minute left. Full mount at 4:26. Yankova rolls to no avail. Jackson unloads with elbows to cement a 10-9 R3.

Final result: Kate Jackson wins a unanimous decision 30-26 X2 and 29-27.

Mike Shipman vs. Carl Noon

Noon is 7-2 and had the black trunks with blue gloves for this fight. “Seabass” Shipman sports the blue trunks and red gloves as he makes his way to the cage, 11-1 with a 11 fight win streak coming into the bout tonight. Noon fights out of Lancashire, England. Shipman fights out of London, England as a former BAMMA champion. Our referee in charge is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Both men rush to the center, SHIPMAN NAILS NOON with a right hand, pours on hammerfists on the ground and Miragliotta waves it off!

Final result: Mike Shipman wins by TKO 11 seconds into the first round!

Anatoly Tokov vs. Vladimir Filipovic

Tokov is 25-3 in the red gloves and navy blue trunks, fighting out of Stary Oskol, Russia. Filipovic is 10-2 in the blue gloves and black skull trunks. He fights out of Odzaci, Serbia. Our referee in charge is Bryan Miner.

Round 1: Double glove tap to open the fight. Filipovic immediately tries a flying knee and Tokov backs off. Tokov pressures forward and throws a right hand as Filipovic dives for the legs. Tokov stuffs it and appears to have a guillotine as Filipovic is pressing him into the fence, and he blinks in and out of consciousness as Miner stops the fight.

Final result: Anatoly Tokov wins via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:56 in round one.

Daniel Crawford vs. Pedro Carvalho

Crawford is 10-1 in the red gloves and red accented trunks. Pedro Carvalho is 7-3 in the blue gloves and black trunks. Carvalho fights out of Dublin by way of Portugal. Crawford fights out of Croydon, England. Our referee is Bryan Miner.

Round 1: Glove tap. Carvalho immediately backs Crawford up and looks for a head kick, then blasting him with a left hand. He goes for the head kick again and Crawford takes him down off it. Crawford looks to improve from half guard as Carvalho squirms underneath him. Crawford gets the hooks in and takes the back for a body triangle at 1:40. He gets a warning for a shot to the back of the head. Some blood streams down Crawford’s face from the strikes earlier. Carvalho escapes and takes the back as they stand and when he turns around Carvalho unloads with strikes. Crawford lands a couple of hard elbows before they separate. Carvalho throws body kicks and an overhand right. Crawford gets a single leg takedown. Crawford goes for the back at 3:38. Carvalho gets out at 4:17 and has the back again. Crawford recovers the position as they go to the fence. Carvalho slips out and Crawford has him pushed into the fence at the bell. 10-9 Crawford.

Round 2: Carvalho works body kicks to open R2. Crawford gets a single leg takedown at 15 seconds. Carvalho briefly escapes, rolls to escape a second time looking for a leg lock, Crawford escapes and Carvalho slams him down with Crawford cranking for a guillotine. Carvalho is out and in side control. He takes Crawford’s back but Crawford is able to stand up and shake him off to get on top in half guard. Crawford looks to take the back but Carvalho crawls on his knees toward the fence. Crawford gets one hook in but can’t secure the second. Crawford lands an elbow to the head and goes for side control. Carvalho gives up his back to stand up. Crawford pulls him down to one knee before Carvalho gets back up and makes him break with a right hand. Carvalho keeps throwing rights and lands kicks to the body. He throws a hard left hook before the bell. Carvalho’s striking late seems like it stole the round. 10-9 Carvalho.

Round 3: Carvalho tries to press the action but eats a few rights as he does so. He keeps coming forward and throws a spinning backfist until Crawford pushes him into the fence. Carvalho lands uppercuts from chest to chest. Crawford misses with the left elbow but connects with the right shoulder. They break at 1:13. Carvalho comes forward with strikes and Crawford pushes him into the cage again. Carvalho gets clear at 1:40. Carvalho throws a right uppercut and Crawford a jump knee. Left hook by Carvalho. Double leg dive by Crawford. Carvalho fends it off by spreading his stance. Carvalho turns him around and takes the back with two minutes left. Crawford is thrown to the ground but he gets right back up. Carvalho with a takedown to side control at 3:39. Carvalho works Crawford over from the top until the bell. 10-9 Carvalho but I suspect a split decision is coming.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28 Crawford, 29-28 Carvalho, 29-28 Carvalho by split decision.

Charlie Ward vs. Martin Hudson

Ward is 4-3 in the red gloves and black trunks fighting out of Dublin, Ireland. Hudson is 4-4 in the blue gloves and black trunks, fighting out of High Wycombe, England. Our referee is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Hudson is pressing early and pawing with his left hand. They meet at the center for an exchange and then Ward pushes him into the fence. Hudson gets a takedown and gets full mount to the back. Miragliotta warns Hudson about shots to the back of the head as he tries to flatten Ward out for a RNC. Ward escapes and reverses to half guard on top. Ward throws heavy left hands and Hudson is getting hurt. Ward stands up to rain down lefts and rights and Miragliotta waves it off at 2:23.

Final result: Charlie Ward wins via technical knockout at 2:23 of round one.

Jeremy Petley vs. Saul Rogers

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final result:

Kevin Fryer vs. Costello Van Steenis

Fryer is 6-2 in the red gloves and trunks, Van Steenis is 9-1 in the blue gloves and black trunks. Van Steenis fights out of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Fryer fights out of Blackpool, England. Our referee in charge is Bryan Miner.

Round 1: No gloves tap as Van Steenis immediately opens up with leg kicks and gets a double leg takedown at 22 seconds. Fryer gets right back up so Van Steenis hoists him high in the air and slams him down. Fryer tries to keep an arm around his neck to no avail. Van Steenis is trying to work from half guard to full mount, has it at 1:11, transitions to the back and pounds away with hard left hands to the head. Miner waves it off at 1:27.

Final result: Costello Van Steenis wins via technical knockout at 1:27 of the first round.

Charlie Leary vs. Tom Green

Leary is 14-9-1 in the red gloves and green trunks out of Watford, England. Green is 12-2 in the blue gloves and black/red trunks, fighting out of Brighton, England. Our referee is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: Green offers a glove tap but Leary doesn’t seem that interested. They clinch and go to the fence where Green gets multiple warnings for grabbing the cage. They spin around a bit, changing positions multiple times, no man gaining a clear advantage to the 90 second mark. Green is getting a few knees to the body when he gets Leary’s back against the cage but Leary responds with hard right uppercuts and Green is in big trouble. Leary dives in top in full guard looking to posture up. Green goes for an ankle lock but he’s eating big right hands to the face before Leary escapes. Green is wobbly on his feet as he’s stood back up, and as both men exchange they seem to each be rocked momentarily. We push into the fence again with Leary in the dominant spot and Green trying to fight out with his back to the cage. They swing at each other again and spin around, Leary blocks a takedown attempt, we get more fisticuffs and a spinning back elbow, then a late takedown by Leary. 10-9 Leary.

Round 2: Green starts R2 with a leg kick and looks to push Leary into the cage. Leary turns and gets free at 27 seconds then hits a trip takedown to half guard. Leary backs out at 58 seconds and makes Green stand back up. Leary pushes him into the fence and throws a knee but Green turns him and drops levels for a double leg attempt. Leary momentarily looks for a headlock and Green backs off. They both start swinging wild and Green pushes Leary into the cage. They break at 2:13 and go back to center. Leary throws Green down and lets him stand up. Green lands a right hand as he’s pushed into the fence. Green turns him breaks and throws an overhand right. Leary throws a right uppercut and a left. A right cross by Leary lands. Leary peels Green off a rush into the fence with one hand then throws a punch with the other. Leary drops Green to his knees with a shot, lands a knee to the body, unloads with ground and pound and Green gives up his back and turtles as Leary pours it on. 30 seconds left as Leary continues to blast away. Green gets stacked up on his head eating unchecked shots and it’s waved off right before the bell ends the round.

Final result: Charlie Leary wins via technical knockout at 4:58 of the second round.

Kent Kauppinen vs. Walter Gahadza

Kauppinen is 10-3 in the red gloves and black trunks, fighting out of Melksham, England. Gahadza is 16-3 in the blue gloves and black trunks, fighting out of Southend, England. Our referee is Rob Hinds.

Round 1: Tap to start. Both men move forward and back trying to get the range. Gahadza trips Kauppinen to the ground and lets him back up. Both men exchange leg kicks. Gahadza keeps feeling the range with his right hand and palm outstretched. Gahadza throws a flying head kick and Kauppinen blocks it as Gahadza falls down and gets back up. Hinds finally warns Gahadza about his fingers - multiple times. Right uppercut swings wide by Gahadza. Gahadza misses with a spinning backfist. Takedown by Gahadza with under 90 seconds left in R1. Left elbows on top. Side control at 4:40. Kauppinen tries to get back up and is pressed into the fence. 10-9 Gahadza.

Round 2: Gahadza with an inside low kick to start R2. He circles on the outside as Kauppinen walks forward. Both men stop and stare at each other at 44 seconds, tap gloves, and then both start throwing down. Kauppinen tries a leaping “thunder kick” and it doesn’t benefit him as Gahadza winds up on top on the ground. Gahadza is landing some nice lefts to the chin from behind and potentially looking to take the back as the stream starts to buffer and freeze up. By the time we return Gahadza has gotten the back, gotten a rear naked choke, and tapped Kauppinen out with only one hook in.

Final result: Walter Gahadza via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:04 of the second round.

Jahreau Shepherd vs. Marcin Zywica

Round 1: Unaired online.

Final result: Shepherd wins via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) 5:00 of the first round.

Mike Ekundayo vs. Tom Mearns

Ekundayo is 5-0 in the red gloves and trunks, Mearns is 6-0 in the blue gloves and trunks. Mearns fights out of Milton Keynes, England. Ekundayo fights out of Brixton, England. Bryan Miner is our referee.

Round 1: We’re underway with a glove tap at center. Ekundayo clinches after a quick exchange but Mearns gets the underhooks and puts Ekundayo on the fence. Ekundayo muscles his way to a leg trip takedown and the stream from London freezes. I hit refresh and it froze and started buffering at the very same point. Once I finally get it unstuck Ekundayo is going for a leg lock but Mearns escapes with ten seconds left and sits up against the fence. Since Ekundayo got a takedown earlier and was trying to get a finish late I’m going to cautiously suggest that was a 10-9 Ekundayo.

Round 2: Round two opens with immediate fisticuffs. Ekundayo tries for a clinch, Mearns throws uppercuts and pushes Ekundayo into the fence, where he nearly gets a judo throw but Mearns uses his overhook to avoid the takedown. The second attempt works - and Mearns dislocated his arm at the elbow trying to post as Ekundayo hit it so Miner immediately stops the fight. This will be a medical TKO.

Final result: Mike Ekundayo wins by TKO (injury) at 1:02 of the second round.

Amir Albazi vs. Iurie Bejenari

Albazi in the red gloves and black trunks, Bejenari in the blue gloves and black trunks. The stream flaked out during the introductions so I can’t tell you anything else right now.

Round 1: A tap gets the fight underway and Albazi is the aggressor early, landing lots of strikes and a left head kick. Bejenari ends up on top as the two grapple for a takedown and the stream immediately bites it again. It comes back 2:04 into the round... and goes away again seconds later. This is maddening. Albazi apparently hurt Bejenari with an uppercut and now he’s taken the back looking for a rear naked choke. Albazi gets the tap.

Final result: Albazi wins via submission (RNC) at 3:21 of the first round.

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