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Midnight Mania! Jon Jones offers to Snapchat single grandma, dismisses NBA sparring offer

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MMA: UFC 214-Cormier vs Jones Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jon Jones had himself a fine time on the Twitter dot com today, holding an informal Q&A with fans, including this priceless interaction. A fan told Jones his grandma wants to FaceTime the former light heavyweight champion, and Jones responded, “Is she single?”

To which the fan responded, “that’s all you bro! You have my permission,” at which point Jones asked for her Snapchat. No word on if he actually flirted with this man’s grandma.

He also dismissed two-time NBA all-star Roy Hibbert’s offer to fly down to New Mexico and sleep on Jones’ couch to get some sparring in.

“How about you spare yourself a concussion and stay where you are lol

... is a hell of a reply. Hibbert didn’t seem bothered, though, saying the offer stands if Jones ever needs to spar someone who is seven feet plus.

Jones has been having himself a good ol’ time on Twitter of late, recently also burying Chuck Liddell with these savage tweets.


The Real Story™ behind Yair Rodgriguez getting cut: he wanted more money from the UFC. That somehow always seems to be the part of the story the UFC brass leaves out when they claim a fighter turned down a fight.

Cyborg finds herself in a pretty good contract situation

This joke writes itself- I’m sad Mirko Cro Cop won’t be fighting this weekend, though.

Chuck Liddell’s coach lays out why he doesn’t want Liddell in MMA any more.

Demian Maia is all class after his loss to Kamaru Usman, as always.

Ref punch!

Derrick Lewis’ mood over the weekend:


A post shared by Derrick Lewis (@thebeastufc) on

Demian Maia laying down in the middle of his fight got turned into a variety of memes, most of which are worthwhile endeavors.

This is too philosophical. Usman just wanted to not get taken down and the only thing keeping him upright was his overhook here.

l Don't think about it...

A post shared by Because jitsu (@because_jitsu) on

Poor Demian Maia, three very strong wrestlers in a row ruined his stats... and his record.

Kamaru Usman shouting at the end of his interview in an unknown tongue was an underrated part of the weekend.

Yves Edwards posts some adorable children happily grappling:

Cutest violence ever!

A post shared by Yves Edwards (@thugjitsumaster) on

I’m surprised he landed this throw!

Animal MMA is usually more brutal than the cage.

Andrei Arlovski had the honor of being killed in Universal Soldier 3.

All true and right memes.

l Don't test me.

A post shared by Because jitsu (@because_jitsu) on

Hard to feel good about a photographer in an official shoot telling a pro fighter to push up her “assets.”

Cormier looks to be in satisfied agony in this picture.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Nikita Krylov knocked out Fabio Maldonado over the weekend:

Nothing like a good head kick knockout.

This seems like it was called off a little quickly.

The other Anderson Silva getting the job done:

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