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Paul Daley’s new plan includes a fight with Michael ‘Venom’ Page in 2018

After signing with new management, Daley sounds ready to put together the much anticipated war between British knockout artists.

MMA: Bellator 183-Daley vs Larkin Dave Mandel-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Daley continues to go back and forth on fighting Michael “Venom” Page so quickly you’re liable to get whiplash trying to keep up. Last week, the UK knockout artist found himself on the receiving end of a Jon Fitch hump session. While he wasn’t able to do much with his fists, he did unleash a bunch of smack during the fight directed at Bellator.

It seemed like Daley was sick of Bellator and ready to walk away. But following the news that Daley has signed with Ali Abdelaziz, he’s once again talking about working with Bellator to make the long awaited fight with fellow UK star Michael Page a reality.

”I’ve just signed with Ali, I’ve spoken to him and we do have a plan,” Daley told WhoaTV. “MVP is part of those plans. But as I said beofre, everything has to be right. Everything, as I’ve stalled it, it could have been done last year, it would not have had the traction that it will have when the fight happens.”

”If we keep going to way we’re going, Michael will get his biggest payday, I will get my biggest payday. It’ll be the biggest fight that the UK has seen because the traction for that fight is mad, people asking me about it all the time. If everything goes right, then the fight’s going to happen and it’ll be massive. But I’ve got a meeting with Scott Coker next weekend in London at Bellator 200 so we’ll see what’s up.”

”If we can get this ironed out the signature will be done next week, the fight will be happening and it’ll be a massive fight,” Daley continued. “It might not happen in September, might be the end of the year, we’ll see what happens. The fight will happen. I’ve got a feeling that Scott, we’re going to talk and we’re going to come to some common ground on what we both want from the fight.”

”When you got guys like Fedor drawing just over half a million viewers...” Daley said. “I’m 99% sure the biggest fight that Bellator can put together, the biggest fight on the whole roster regardless of Mousasi or MacDonald or whatever, the biggest fight they can put together for their social media type era of fans is MVP vs Semtex. I truly believe that’s the biggest fight that they’ve got on the roster.”

We have to wonder if Daley believing it’s the biggest fight Bellator can do actually makes it less likely to come together. If the implication is that he wants Fedor money, that’s probably a non-starter. But for all the crap Daley’s new management gets, they do tend to make deals happen. So we’ll move forward with some positivity in our hearts, at least until Daley’s next interview blows the whole idea up again.

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