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UFC Fight Night 129 results: Guido Cannetti beats the only Chilean on the card, Diego Rivas

Diego Rivas faced off with Guido Cannetti tonight (May 19, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 129, held in Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile, broadcast live and free on Fox Sports 1. The bout took place at bantamweight, with Rivas coming off his first career loss in his last fight, and Cannetti also attempting to rebound into the win column.

Cannetti came out feinting and posturing, but the first kick he threw he slipped and fell. Back on the feet, he ran forward into a punch and ended in the clinch, Rivas pinning him against the cage looking for the takedown. Rivas took him down with a single-leg momentarily but Cannetti escaped and got back to the clinch. Rivas once again took control in the clinch, but Cannetti landed an outside trip from his back on the cage. He postured in full guard; Rivas locked in an armbar attempt but Cannetti picked him up and slammed his way out of it, landing a hard punch for Rivas’ troubles. Cannetti spun around and tried to take the back, with Rivas standing up wearing Cannetti as a backpack. For some reason Cannetti chose to only keep one hook locked in, putting his other foot on the mat. He landed some punches from the back but Rivas spun around, pinning him to the cage. With tend seconds to go he couldn’t land a takedown, Cannetti escaping to the center of the cage instead.

Rivas started the second round stalking Cannetti, eating a hard roundkick off the arms. Cannetti landed a kick to the Rivas’ groin, causing a stop in the action. He caught a body kick and took Cannetti down, but the Argentine got back up immediately. Rivas shot again, but Cannetti flipped him over to the bottom of side control. Rivas recovered guard, with Cannetti content to control and land some ground and pound from the top. Eventually the referee stood them back up. Rivas caught another kick, this time across his body, and threw Cannetti down. He sold out for a guillotine in the ensuing scramble, but Cannetti pushed his head out, taking top position again in guard. Rivas got back up but couldn’t break away completely before the round ended.

They hugged to start the final round. Rivas, down two rounds on the scorecards, was looking for that knockout shot. He landed a kick into a hook and flurried, connecting, but Cannetti’s return punches backed him off. He got into the clinch and landed an elbow and a knee to Cannetti’s body. Cannetti tried the outside trip off the cage again but it didn’t work. Rivas landed an uppercut and an elbow. Cannetti sold out on a guillotine on a takedown attempt by Rivas. Rivas popped his head out, and Cannetti attempted to stand. He had shown impressive skills getting back up from the takedown all fight. Rivas pinned him the cage once more, with a huge cut having opened up on Cannetti’s face. Rivas ate a body kick, avoided a hook, touched gloves. He threw a body kick. Cannetti darted forward with punches but nothing connected. With one minute to go Rivas’ chances were quickly vanishing; the crowd chanted his name as the sole Chilean fighter on the card. He got into an exchange with Cannetti, but it was too little too late. The bell rang with Cannetti raising his hands jubilantly.

In the post-fight interview, the stadium filled with jeers, Cannetti apologized for beating the only Chilean on the card, and thanked his coaches and fans.

Official result: Guido Cannetti def. Diego Rivas via unanimous decision (29-28x3)

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