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Midnight Mania! Jon Jones roasts ‘far from innocent` Chuck Liddell ... again

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Chuck Liddell should just have kept Jon Jones out of his mouth. Jones is a sociopathic savage who has no issues calmly and clinically hurting people- both in the cage, and on social media.

Which is exactly what he did today, the finishing blow being this classic meme of Liddell looking like he’s on ... something.

But, that wasn’t Jonny Bones’ only salvo. He also hit Chuck with this line about Liddell being “far from innocent.” Coupled with the GIF, it’s clear Jones is implying that he isn’t the only one to have been snorting coke.

He also took aim at Chuck’s record before retirement, reminding the 48-year-old former UFC champion why he retired in the first place. Also, now we know Jones uses T-Mobile.

Let’s hope this fight never happens in real life because the beatdown online has been severe enough.


Roy Nelson training with Francis Ngannou must be interesting — and entertaining — to watch.

Happy birthday, Alistair Overeem!

Matt Brown shouted out this inspiring guy, who, yes, is more badass than you are.

Excellent submission:

Excellent submission defense training:

Cody Stamman and Aljamain Sterling have been bickering on social media for a long time now. They need to just fight it out.

Rampage’s caption here ...

Donald Cerrone wakesurfing with anyone and anything who will get on a board with him is one of my favorite things on social media.

Mackenzie Dern sparring is interesting and it’s obvious her athletic ability is going to take her far even without a crazy work ethic.

If you got knocked out as hard as Henry Cejudo got knocked out by Demetrious Johnson, maybe you want to cool it with the trash talk a little bit, because “Mighty Mouse” is always going to have comebacks like this:

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Angela Hill is consistently entertaining online, but she still can’t book consistent fights.

Slips, Rips, Cool Clips

When the overhand connects:

Fumiya just gets into fun fights.

Jordan Burroughs is a monster!

Regional MMA can be amazing stuff.

These kickboxing matches are worth the watch if you have the time (You have the time).

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The selfsame Andrew Richardson explains Kamaru Usman’s power punches:

Random Land

Either this is satire, or this guy told on himself in an extreme way:

This ostrich could have caught them easily:

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