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UFC Chile: Craft beer pairing ideas for ‘Maia vs Usman’

On paper the next Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event looks homely, but by the end of Saturday night (May 19, 2018) and with enough beers it could end up quite appealing. Despite very few recognizable names set to compete this weekend at UFC Fight Night 129, which takes place inside Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile, there are plenty of intriguing stylistic mixed martial arts (MMA) match ups that promise to be exciting. If that turns out not to be true I believe you’ll still have a good time because I’ve lined up a tasty craft beer for you to enjoy during UFC Fight Night 129.

This week’s beer pairing is Devil’s Gap Jalapeno Ale by Kinkaider Brewing out of Broken Bow, Nebraska. One of the main reasons for a jalapeno ale being chosen is because Chile’s perceived association with peppers. Right or wrong, the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about Chile is hot peppers. How could I have picked any other beer style for the first UFC event in that country?

Stylistically, Devil’s Gap marries well with headliners Demian Maia and Kamaru Usman in that all three have a focus on grappling. Jalapeno ales are made for your taste buds to grapple with the fact that they taste like something that should be spicy, but don’t have that well known hot pepper heat. Maia is as pure grappler as fighters come in modern day MMA. Usman — despite having a recent knockout victory over Sergio Moraes — is known as a wrestle-first tactician.

Like the majority of the fighters set to compete in Santiago, Chile, this weekend, I’m certain you’ve not heard of Kinkaider Brewing Company. That’s not to say that the art it respectively produces isn’t amazing — Kinkaider will “Wow” you. I think this fight card will be alike in that way. We’ll go in with no expectations and hopefully come out thoroughly entertained.

Peppers, grappling and low expectations result in Kinkaider and UFC Fight Night 129 going together like peas and carrots. Remember: If you don’t drink responsibly you’ll end up like Jon Jones with a set of car keys.

Cheers! #Namaste

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