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Michael Bisping: It was very satisfying to see ‘cheat’ Vitor Belfort lose retirement fight via knockout

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones wished Vitor Belfort well on his way out of mixed martial arts (MMA) following his knockout loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 224.

Ex-Middleweight champion Michael Bisping, however, was not as compassionate. In fact, he was down-right ecstatic to see his old nemesis get his face kicked in by Lyoto Machida in the very first round. That’s because “The Count” has no compassion for a man who’s been a “cheat” his whole life, and was responsible for his eye injury.

He took to his “Believe You Me” podcast (via to express his disdain for “The Phenom.”

“It’s very satisfying to see him lose if I’m honest. I don’t care for the guy. I think he’s built a career off being a cheat. The amount of insane steroids over his life, over his career, is evident to see. I mean you go back and look at his early career, the guy was insanely jacked. When we fought he was insanely jacked, and now you look at him and he looks like a fucking beat up old man. And he’s getting knocked out like so and performing like so. When he was juiced out of his mind, just fucking tearing through everybody and then he has the hypocrisy to go out and talk about being a good person and this and that. The guy’s a cheat, the guy has no honor. I would love to have been the person to do that, but it’s kind of still enjoyable to see him get what he deserves because he’s gone out and done that too many a people and caused injuries. He fucked up my eyeball, he’s the one to blame for that, so yeah. God bless Machida, job well done.”

Perhaps now Bisping will reward Machida by accepting his challenge for his own farewell bout.

Bisping fell victim to one of Belfort’s vicious knockouts back in 2013 (see it), a time when the Brazilian bomber was going through a career resurrection, though many pointed to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as a big factor for his resurgence.

As for “The Count,” he recently stated that he was unofficially retired from fighting, ending any and all possibilities of a do-over against Belfort. But as we’ve seen, staying away from the fight game is just too hard.

Right, Chuck?

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