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Chuck Liddell: Jon Jones can learn how to be a true champion from a legend like me

Jon Jones

As you know by now Chuck Liddell plans on returning to mixed martial arts (MMA) in hopes of setting up a trilogy fight against bitter rival Tito Ortiz. After that, “Iceman” has his eyes set on potentially challenging perhaps the greatest Light Heavyweight of all time (or not), revealing that he’d like a chance to face Jon Jones.

Naturally, “Bones” responded to his latest callout and was even willing to pony up the cash to fly out Liddell to Albuquerque, N.M., to do the dance. While it took Liddell a day to respond to Jones’ jabs, he finally did by taking his own shots the behavior of the star-crossed former champion outside of the cage.

Check it out:

@JonnyBones I figure it’s a good place for a youngin like u to learn from a true legend and champion on how to really fight and conduct your life inside and outside the ring champions101 #respect #integrity

Burn ...

Of course, Jones’ troubles outside of the cage — such as run-ins with the law and multiple failed drug tests — have prevented him from fighting on a consistent basis, paving the way for current division champion Daniel Cormier to take the throne.

As for a match up against Liddell, it likely won’t happen inside the eight-walled cage -- or anywhere, for that matter -- but at least we get to see two of the best to ever do it go at it on social media.

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