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Nate Diaz under investigation by Sacramento sheriff for alleged battery during Combate Americas event

MMA: UFC 202-Diaz vs McGregor 2 Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

From victim to suspect.

Nate Diaz could find himself in some very hot water after he and his crew were involved in an altercation with fellow Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Clay Guida at a recent Combate Americas event in Sacramento, California.

See the madness unfold here.

According to MMA Fighting, Diaz is under investigation for the alleged assault on “The Carpenter,” who according to Clay’s manager, John Fosco, was left with a busted lip after Diaz shoved him from behind, sending him into a guardrail face first for no reason.

According to Sacramento sheriff spokesperson Sgt. Shaun Hampton, detectives and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department will now be looking into the incident further, which could be bad for Nate.

“If it is found the victim was assaulted then a warrant request will be completed and submitted to the District Attorney’s office for review,” Hampton said. “The filing decision will be up to the DA.”

For his sake, Nate better hope investigators don't get a hold of this footage.

Aside from allegedly pushing Guida unprovoked, Clay’s training partner Tyler Diamond was allegedly slapped by Diaz and sucker punched by one of his “groupies.” Since the incident, Guida has been on a social media campaign to get a rematch with the Stockton slugger, whom he defeated at UFC 94 almost a decade ago.

Though something tells me Diaz won’t be too interested in that “weak shit.”

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