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Mile 22 trailer: Ronda Rousey packs serious heat alongside Mark Wahlberg and ‘Maggie’

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey will once again be hitting the big screen this year alongside Hollywood megastar Mark Wahlberg in the action-thriller “Mile 22.”

And she has has been getting rave reviews from her male co-star, who is confident he can take the former mixed martial arts (MMA) champion-turned WWE Superstar. Ahead of the film’s release on Aug. 3, 2018, STX Entertainment released the first official trailer, along with a detailed YouTube description.

Check it out:

“In a visceral modern thriller from the director of Lone Survivor, Mark Wahlberg stars as James Silva, an operative of the CIA’s most highly-prized and least understood unit. Aided by a top-secret tactical command team, Silva must retrieve and transport an asset who holds life-threatening information to Mile 22 for extraction before the enemy closes in.”

Co-starring in the film with Rousey and Wahlberg is Lauren Cohan of The Walking Dead fame. And of course, Indonesian superstar Iko Uwais will have a big role in the film, which will see him doing what he does best: Kick ass and take names.

For those keeping count, this is now the fourth major motion picture Rousey has appeared in, but it definitely won’t be the last. Prior to the film’s debut, Ronda will attempt to capture WWE gold in just her second professional match when she faces off against Raw Women’s champion Nia Jax at WWE’s “Money in the Bank’ on June 17, 2018.

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