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UFC is super mean, gave Tony Ferguson the middle finger — then kicked him in the nuts

UFC 181 - Ferguson v Trujillo Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Some of the best and brightest mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters competing for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) get hurt, even the ones in favor with the world’s largest combat sports promotion, so former interim champion Tony Ferguson wants to know why he’s getting special treatment.

Did Robert Whittaker lose the substitute strap when he was felled back in January?

No, so there is no reason for UFC to strip Ferguson of the temporary title in the wake of his freak accident ahead of UFC 223. That’s according to “El Cucuy,” who told the gang at ESPN that he’s already suffered enough hardship after losing his monster payday.

His words:

“The UFC has indicated my title is gone and Khabib is the only champion at 155 pounds, but the UFC hasn’t mentioned anything official to my management. As far as I’m concerned, I’m still the true 155-pound champion. I never lost my belt. That’s a big middle finger to ‘T-Ferg’ right there -- that’s a kick to the groin if they do that. At the end of the day, does the UFC really like its fighters? I’m one of their toughest fighters. Don’t kick me when I’m down. I missed out on pay-per-view points, my purse, a big payday; a lot of things behind the scenes. They have to either give me my title back or make sure I’m fighting under that same contract. I’ve earned that.”

Good luck with that.

When Ferguson got injured ahead of UFC 223, not-weird Realtor Al Iaquinta stepped in to take his place in the five-round headliner, but got promptly shut down by newly-crowned 155-pound champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Unfortunately for the division — but perhaps fortunately for Ferguson — “The Eagle” is taking the summer off and does not expect to return until late fall. That would be right around the same time as former lightweight champion Conor McGregor makes his UFC comeback.

Still lots of moving pieces to this 155-pound puzzle.

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