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Tyron Woodley: Georges St-Pierre dropping to lightweight the ‘hugest b*tch move on the planet’

It’s okay if Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Tyron Woodley calls out Nate Diaz, but if former 170-pound titleholder Georges St-Pierre does it, then it’s the biggest bitch move on the planet.

That’s because St-Pierre was so afraid of “The Chosen One” he actually changed weight classes in an effort to keep his name relevant by taking the path of least resistance. Now “Rush” appears to be on the cusp of doing it once again, much to the chagrin of Woodley.

From his conversation with TMZ (via

“Let me say this in a very educated way: I think that those two guys ‘contemplating’ fighting is the hugest bitch move on the planet. If you're going to be welterweight champion of the world and the lineal champion and you got the current champion constantly talking about fighting you, not only do you avoid fighting him and go up a weight class, now you're gonna drop underneath him and fight underneath in a weight class that you’ve never fought in in your life.”

I think this is called welterwhining.

After his Diaz fight failed to materialize (because of this), Woodley (18-3-1) opted for shoulder surgery and sent two of the division’s top contenders into battle at the upcoming UFC 225 pay-per-view (PPV) event in Chicago.

St-Pierre (26-2), meanwhile, was one-and-done at 185 pounds after taking the title from Michael Bisping but has recently been linked to a lightweight debut opposite Diaz. Nothing is official at this time, but where there’s smoke, there’s usually bitches.

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