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Midnight Mania! Jon Jones congratulates Vitor Belfort, further taunts Chuck Liddell

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Esther Lin

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

There are few fighters more self-confident, or self-centered, as Jon Jones; his fights are always about him, his own narrative very much central in his mind. This is never more evident than in his behavior after he pulls out a tough win; he can’t help congratulating himself for digging deep and finding out he is indeed a warrior. His 2012 victory over up-jumped middleweight Vitor Belfort contained a surprising challenge, as Vitor locked in a nasty armbar from guard that fully extended Jones’ arm. Somehow, Jon held on and Vitor didn’t manage to snap the arm. “Bones” picked up the Brazilian bodily, slamming him until ‘The Phenom’ let the armbar go. The rest of the fight was all Jon Jones, ending with a 4th-round kimura victory for “Bones”.

Now that Vitor has been officially retired (sort of) by Lyoto Machida’s unbelievable, career-ending front kick, Jones took the opportunity to congratulate the legend- and himself in the process.

Enjoy your retirement brother, you deserve it. Thank you for the magnificent fight, learned a lot about myself that tonight. Nothing but respect for you @VitorBelfort Ps I know my arm would have been a nice little trophy for you, maybe we can run it back sometime in the future. Charity jujitsu match or something

Jones was much less charitable to retired 48-year-old champion Chuck Liddell, who has been making noise lately about wanting to come out of retirement to fight him.


Tony Ferguson showing off his D`Arce choke

Jose Aldo practicing his wrestling throws ahead of his Canadian showdown with Jeremy Stephens

Brian Kelleher won John Lineker’s respect.

Jorge Linares turned out to be Vasyl Lomachenko’s toughest challenge to date, but Lomachenko passed with flying yellow and blue colors.

Francis Ngannou is now our reporter, out in Cameroon collecting vital content for Midnight Mania.

This made me chuckle: Colby Covington is exactly this person.

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Tecia Torres- and Pennington herself- agreed with her corner’s decision to send her back out to get beat up and finished by Amanda Nunes in the fifth round.

Big John McCarthy weighed in on the Raquel Pennington corner debate.

Truly an incredible image. Kelvin Gastelum is looking at the camera like he’s in an awkward scene of the Office while Jacare hugs him as hard as he can.

Matt Mitrione expected Ryan Bader to beat King Mo Lawal all along.

Gregor Gillespie is the self-styled greatest fisherman in MMA. Sometimes he sees some weird things.

This is exactly how Michael Chiesa reacted when Kevin Lee so much as mentioned his mom.

Happy Mother’s Day

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Steven Seagal taking credit for Anderson Silva’s original front kick was an extremely underrated moment in MMA history.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

The big boys went to war

Some other big boys working things out in the raised circle.

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This picture is amazing

Photo by @jaaplabrijn #Destination_Wild

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This footage of a train running through a forest fire is astonishin

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