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Here’s that video of Tim Kennedy waterboarding himself to prove it’s not torture

Fun fact: The water used to pretend-drown Tim Kennedy was all the water Ronda Rousey shed while cutting 17 pounds in 24 hours.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender, Tim Kennedy, has an opinion on the current political climate. And you're going to sit here and listen to it or he might hunt you down and kill you with a Rambo knife.

If Hitler can’t escape the decorated war hero ... what chance do any of us have?

Anyway, I know I’m not supposed to laugh at this video because the subject matter is rather unpleasant ... but Kennedy just spent several minutes trying to explain how waterboarding is not really torture and more like Slip ‘N Slide for your sinuses.

Then right before he gets started, he looks at his buddy and tells the camera, “Shane’s going to be drinking some beer while he tortures me.”

Waterboarding is back in the headlines now that Gina Haspel is expected to become director of the CIA. Haspel promised she wouldn’t bring back the controversial interrogation technique, which has support from the likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Trump, just to name a few.

Just don’t mention it around this guy, unless you’re a big fan of coal.

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