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50 Cent continues to tease Bellator collaboration: ‘If we can get this right, it would be big’

Who knows what 50 Cent and Scott Coker are up to, but they continued to be awful chummy at Bellator 199.

MMA: Bellator 199-Daley vs Fitch Dave Mandel-USA TODAY Sports

Is 50 Cent going to fight Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in Bellator? Probably not. That’s a fight that would have a hard time getting sanctioned even by the wildest of wild west commissions Scott Coker has turned to in the past.

Is 50 Cent doing *something* with Bellator? Now that’s a question worth asking. The rap superstar, real name Curtis Jackson, has been teasing the possibility of some big money team up with Bellator for the past week, and the act (if it’s an act) continued at Bellator 199 where Fiddy sat with Scott Coker for much of the show.

There’s two top theories as it stands right now. The first is that 50 Cent’s participation with Bellator leading up to their big Bellator 200 show is nothing more than some slick guerilla marketing scheme to generate headlines and attention. The second is that the rapper is interested in getting into the MMA game in some capacity, either independently or in some capacity with Bellator. Jackson is no stranger to throwing his money into combat sports - he was a boxing promoter for about 10 seconds prior to his 2015 bankruptcy.

Whatever the case, there’s simply not enough information to speculate further. Both 50 and Coker are being purposefully vague about the whole affair, which is just as likely to develop into a big pile of nothing as it is something. But we might as well enjoy whatever the hell this is a little, so here’s an exchange between Fiddy and Chael Sonnen on Twitter:

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