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Watch Paul Daley boo Jon Fitch along with everyone else in the arena at Bellator 199

Jon Fitch may be used to the fans booing, but this is the first time his opponent has joined in.

MMA: Bellator 199-Daley vs Fitch Dave Mandel-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Fitch vs. Paul Daley went down at Bellator 199 exactly the way everyone thought it would: with Fitch climbing on top of Daley and riding him for three rounds of tepid ground and pound to a 30-27, 30-26 and 30-26 decision. And while Daley wasn’t able to accomplish much with his fists, he did get off some smack talk during the fight, directed straight at Bellator for booking him in such a boring match.

”F**king boring!” he exclaimed with just over a minute left in the third round. “Who wants to watch this? This is s**t!”

”You’re going to get lots of fans with this, Bellator!” he continued as Jon Fitch pressed him into the canvas, throwing endless ineffective punches. “Millions, millions of fans. This is bulls**t. Listen to everyone. They’re booing. Booing! Boo! Booooo! Boo! Bulls**t. Boo! Seriously. F**k Bellator!”

Paul Daley comes from the school of fighters that would rather hate on wrestling and jiu jitsu than learn it, something we knew coming into this fight ... which is why we were a bit surprised that Bellator even went ahead with it. On paper, Daley vs. Fitch didn’t look great. In reality, it looked worse and was easily the lowlight of the card.

We’re not trying to defend Daley, considering he was barely willing to defend himself during that fight. But we’re also not going to defend Bellator for that matchmaking. On the plus side, we now have this unique bit of in cage amusement, which is certainly the best bit of fight communication we’ve witnessed since “Hello Japan!”

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