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Raw video: Nate Diaz and crew scuffle with Clay Guida, Tyler Diamond at Combate Americas

Nate Diaz continues to make headlines as he readies himself for an eventual return to the Octagon. Last night (Fri., May 11, 2018) at Combate Americas in Sacramento, Calif., Diaz took it upon himself to engage fellow Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Clay Guida by pushing him in the back, per an initial report by MMA Fighting.

After pushing “Carpenter” from behind, Diaz proceeded to “Stockton Slap” Ultimate Fighter standout Tyler Diamond as he tried to break the incident up. But with Diaz’s entourage in full force, Diamond couldn’t do much of anything. As a result, the young featherweight was hit in the face and Guida was reportedly left bloody.

Diamond took to Twitter to discuss the altercation:

Luckily, Fancy Combat got its hands on a video of the incident, which can be seen at the top of the page in its entirety. The video is a bit all over the place, but you can at least get a sense of what went down.

This altercation more than likely stemmed from Guida calling out Diaz back in March for a rematch from their meeting at UFC 94. Guida added insult to his callout, referring to Diaz as a “209 bitch,” which is probably the reason the Stockton Slapper sought out blood last night.

Considering a rematch between Diaz and Guida is highly unlikely at any point in time moving forward, especially with this superfight in play, this may have been the only time the two lightweights got a chance to mix it up.

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