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Nate Diaz calls GSP ‘cheater,’ says UFC ‘selling you wolf tickets’

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While it seemed like Nate Diaz was going to get the big money fight he was hoping for after UFC president Dana White revealed earlier this month that Georges St-Pierre could be next, the Stockton Slapper threw some sand on the fire earlier today (Fri., May 11, 2018) via Facebook.

Diaz didn’t completely dismiss the potential UFC 227 booking because it would be a really poor business move, but he didn’t necessarily give it the vote of confidence you’d expect him to. Instead, Diaz took personal shots at GSP and UFC for hyping a bout that isn’t entirely in place. Gsp cheated when he fought my brother he was on steroids he was overweight and they let...

Posted by Nate Diaz on Friday, May 11, 2018

“GSP cheated when he fought my brother he was on steroids he was overweight and they let him because we were in Montreal and his boy gave Nick a bad IV,” wrote Diaz. “Now they selling u wolf tickets on me GSP you can clear that shit up or fight yourself cheater.”

Wolf tickets? Sounds familiar.

Nate’s big brother Nick Diaz fought and lost to St-Pierre back at UFC 158 in 2013. GSP cruised to a unanimous decision win and was never busted for anything, so the “cheating” accusation really doesn’t hold much water.

Still, Diaz’s comments are significant. It seems like every time UFC is close to booking him a fight or offer him a fight he somehow turns the other cheek. Doing that for a potential superfight with St-Pierre wouldn’t be smart, so it’s possible that Diaz is just playing hard to get (yet again).

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