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Video: Mackenzie Dern misses weight for UFC 224 by a staggering seven pounds

“I’m on my seventh fight now and I feel like, ‘Man, how long are they going to keep asking me about my weight?’” —Mackenzie Dern

Mackenzie Dern easily made the flyweight limit for her Amanda Bobby Cooper fight at the UFC 224 weigh ins on Friday (full results here), held just one day before Saturday night’s (May 12, 2018) pay-per-view (PPV) event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Unfortunately for the grappling ace, her “ABC” fight was contracted at strawweight, which means tipping the scale at 123 pounds leaves her seven pounds over the 115-pound limit (115 plus one pound allowance).

Dern’s scale fail is not the first of her mixed martial arts (MMA) career and is no doubt a bad look for her — as well as the promotion — after the Arizonian upstart was featured so prominently in the hype leading up to UFC 224.

Dern will lose a percentage of her “show” purse, those an exact amount was not specified.

“The fight will happen,” CABMMA Executive Director Cristiano Sampaio told “Amanda has accepted. Mackenzie went through the medicals and she’s fit, so the fight will happen. If (Dern had weighed in at) the next division, we wouldn’t allow the fight. She was 123, so she barely made it (under flyweight).”

Cooper, to her credit, called it ahead of time.

“She will probably come in heavy, I have a feeling, or have a hard time making weight,” she told Bloody Elbow. “I plan on leaving cookies outside her door every night because I’m sure she won’t be able to resist it. And that way I get 20 percent of her purse and still get to beat her up at home.”

Maybe there is more to this story than originally thought?

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