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Midnight Mania! Jon Stewart faces off with Max Holloway for the troops

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC 145-lb. champion Max Holloway went on tour to entertain the troops with comedian Jon Stewart and Paige VanZant (among others) and got into a staredown with Stewart. Everyone was intimidated when the middle-aged comedian tore his shirt off, including the featherweight champion of the world, who found himself backing away from laughter... er... fear.

The experience seemed like a pretty positive experience for everyone.

Max Holloway faces Brian Ortega for the title in the co-main event of an extraordinarily stacked UFC 226 on July 7th.


It might be too much too soon, but Israel Adesanya is getting a big step up against Brad Tavares in a main event.

Houston traffic leaves me deeply existentially angry, but this guy found a way to make it fun.

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Robert Whittaker’s training location looks both incredibly hard to run up and incredibly idyllic.

It never gets easier , you just get better

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Khabib Nurmagomedov, world traveller

This guy works in one of my favorite genres, art memes.

MMA, but with guns looks fun

This was the first MMA fight I bet money on, and both because of that and because this was the peak of Matt Brown’s run as the Immortal, it remains one of my favorite fights ever.

Thanks Ryan Madigan for an amazing camp for this fight!

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Sage in the north, cutting logs with his bare hands.

How I feel rolling with a black belt in grappling.

Gunnar Nelson had to withdraw from his fight with Neil Magny, and of course both athletes were extremely respectful about it.

Will Brooks speaks up against racially biased police brutality.

Brooks’ old rival Michael Chandler (who he bested twice) was, to say the least, not impressed by Dillon Danis.

To be fair Danis’ toehold was pretty cool

My money is on Garry Tonon when this inevitably happens

Make it happen. @rich_chou @bellatormma @onechampionship @garrytonon @dillondanis

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Keep an eye out for my shirtless head shots, coming soon 2020

I was as happy as anyone to see Fedor Emelianenko get himself a KO win over the weekend.

Derrick Lewis should be doing Midnight Mania at this point.

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Be careful which snowflake your punk ass decides to sling them slurs at, bruh.

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This is me

l What could it be tho??

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Some narrated Joe Rogan during his podcast and it’s pretty great.


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Deep cut

This is elite training

Jorge Masvidal gives his timeline for return

Podcasts and Video

Some of our podcast Friday is still relevant (and two out of three of us picked Fedor-Mir correctly)- Follow MMA Mania on Youtube

This looks really interesting and right at the intersection of my professional worlds.

Slips, Rips- all the Weekend Clips

Standing arm triangle? Don’t mind if I do.

I don’t know what this was, but I’m gonna slap all these highlights up here in random order so just get used to it.



All of Bellator 198 in two minutes.

Some single-leg takedown defense


Last weekend I was the guy in black and red shorts, getting my arm twisted off all day long. I tapped much more quickly than this though.

We love Kikuno kicks around these parts

Flying triangle to say goodnight.

Good Reads

Random Land

Zercher squats are supposed to be really good for MMA

Your daily dose of politics*

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*consuming entertainment is not doing politics.

Hyenas are massive animals up close.

Wow! Amazing... Video by @maxstrong #Destination_Wild

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Someone named Rodrigo Koxa set the world record for largest wave surfed and boy did he take his life in his hands.

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