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Michael Bisping applauds Conor McGregor for defending his boy via bus beatdown

Most of the mixed martial arts (MMA) community was appalled by Conor McGregor when the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion went bonkers and started throwing equipment through a passenger bus window.

Like promotion president Dana White, who called last week’s meltdown a “disgusting and despicable move.”

Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping, however, has a different take. “The Count” believes McGregor should be applauded for standing up to lightweight rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, who may have drawn proverbial first blood with this confrontation.

“There are no gangs in MMA,” Bisping told TMZ. “There are gangs in England. There are gangs in Dublin. There’s gangs all over the world just like right here. There are no gangs in MMA. Conor is not trying to be a gangster. Conor is just trying to look after his boys, right? Which you got to applaud him for. He made a mistake. That’s all it is.”

It wasn’t his first “mistake.”

McGregor eventually turned himself into Brooklyn police where he was charged with assault and ordered to return to court on June 14. Lobov was yanked from the UFC 223 fight card for his role in the bus attack and could face future disciplinary action.

As for Bisping, he’s still on the hunt for a special retirement fight and recently expressed interest in joining the UFC Liverpool cast and crew across the pond, where they actually have real gangs (and real machine guns).

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