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Jon Jones burns ‘bitter b-tch’ Tyson Griffin over catty Conor McGregor tweet

Here’s a lesson for other fighters: don’t tag Jon Jones in petty tweets unless you’re ready for a humbling response.

MMA: UFC 197-Jones vs Saint Preux Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Haters gonna hate, especially on Twitter. But that doesn’t mean those getting hated on need to suffer things in silence. Once upon a time, former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones would have ignored this tweet from ex-UFC fighter Tyson Griffin (or at least deleted whatever he responded with a few minutes after posting). But today’s Jon Jones gives way less f**ks, leading to a pretty interesting Twitter exchange.

It all started when Griffin shot out a tweet mocking Conor McGregor’s recent legal troubles.

”Well there goes Conor McGregor losing his Burger King deal faster than Jon Jones lost his Nike deal!” Griffin wrote, and of course he decided to tag all the people he mentioned because that’s what makes Twitter such a magical place.

It didn’t take long before Jones responded.

”My dream was to be sponsored by Nike as a high school wrestler, became an adult and made it happen,” Jones wrote. “Even had my own sneaker which sold out within a day. What ever happened with your Nike deal, I don’t remember. I’ll wait....”

”You can tell by the tone of your tweet that you’re happy Connor may be losing his deal. Disguise yourself as an MMA coach or a MMA personality, I just see a bitter bitch who’s the size of my dick.”

It reminds me of something a certain fighter said way back before he became a crazy maniac...

Now if only Jones and McGregor could get back to winning outside of the cage.

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