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Joanna Jedrzejczyk believes she won UFC 223 rematch with Rose Namajunas: ‘The numbers don’t lie’

Jedrzejczyk is sure she beat Rose Namajunas at UFC 223, and she has the statistics to prove it.

MMA: UFC 217-Jedrzejczyk vs Namajunas Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 223’s Rose Namajunas vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk title fight was a back and forth affair full of drama and grit. Early on it seemed like Rose was going to run away with the fight again, only for Joanna to take over in the third with unrelenting leg kicks. In the end, Namajunas dug deep and managed to close one of Jedrzejczyk’s eyes, finishing the fight with an exclamation point that earned her the win on the judges scorecards.

But not everyone agreed with Namajunas getting the nod, and that includes Jedrzejczyk herself.

”When I heard Bruce Buffer saying the numbers of how the judges scored the card, I expected that I was going to win by split decision,” Joanna said at the post-fight press conference. “But when I heard the difference I was like ‘Okay, we’ve got this win, easy.’ Even say my coaches. So it was a really big surprise and the numbers don’t lie: 142 to 84, and landed 132 from me, 83 from Rose. That’s the answer. That’s the answer.”

Jedrzejczyk’s numbers are slightly off, so here’s the final tally for reference:

Of course, overall stats don’t tell the story of the round by round battle. We had Namajunas taking rounds 1, 2, and 5. Here’s the official scorecard:

”We thought the second round was super close, but more kicks from me,” she said. “And I felt great, you could see that she gassed out in the third round and I was more than ready to go with every round, I could fight 10 more rounds. At the end of every break I was on my feet ready to go ... I felt like I was winning the fight. And I’m not complaining that I lost or not. I’m really different fighter, I’ve done so much for myself and the sport. I feel great.”

As for what’s next for Jedrzejczyk, the Polish fighter didn’t seem very interested in leaving the women’s strawweight division for the new flyweight weight class.

“I was competing at 125 and it was easy,” Joanna said. “But I put on great work with my diet this camp, for the first 5 weeks I dropped my weight to 128 so I was pretty light the whole camp. After that I started working with George Lockhart but I used my knowledge as well. But we put on great work, so we’ll see.”

“I feel great in the 115 division ... but we’ll see. We’ll see where we go after the vacation and after we talk to Dana and the matchmakers.”

We feel sorry for whoever has to face Jedrzejczyk next in whatever weight class she decides to compete in.

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