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Ray Borg responds to ‘keyboard gangsters’ who questioned his McGregor attack eye injury

The UFC flyweight has released a hospital document proving he got glass in his eye from the Conor McGregor bus attack.

MMA: UFC 207-Borg vs Smolka Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What a crappy time the past 48 hours must have been for UFC flyweight Ray Borg. Borg was set to fight Brandon Moreno at UFC 223, his first fight since losing a title fight to Demetrious Johnson in October of 2017. This Brooklyn bout was originally supposed to go down in February but was pushed back to April due to an injury to Moreno. That forced Borg to extend his camp while his wife was pregnant, and now all those months of preparation and sacrifice he made are for nothing after Conor McGregor’s bus attack.

Glass from a broken window got in Borg’s eye, forcing him to the hospital and cancelling his fight. The UFC announced they’d pay his show money, but not his win money. As if that wasn’t enough, Twitter once again proved itself to be the toilet of internet discourse as a tidal wave of haters accused him of faking the injury in order to sue McGregor.

So now it’s come to this: Borg has released a statement including a letter from the hospital proving a ‘foreign body’ was removed from his eye.

Here’s the text of Ray Borg’s message in full:

For the keyboard gangsters that think this is a cop out and for some reason think glasses make you invincible. I have mouths to feed and had a baby on the way leading up to this fight. I also extended this fight in agreement to fight Moreno at a later date due to his injury putting my family at more of a distress.

I do not know why you think I can tell the future and think I planned this all out to ‘make money’ off Conor I came into this sport to make money off of winning fights and after being medically examined by 2 doctors I was deemed unfit to compete so hey what do you know food was taken off my families plate for something out of my control.

And those who think it was a weight thing ... lol ask my guy who works for the [Performance Institute], I was 129 when I was taken to the hospital 3 pounds away from my weight nearly 24 hours from weigh-ins also for those that say I was fine in the embedded video, you literally saw me for 4 seconds. So here is my medical report.

We wish this was the end of people questioning the legitimacy of Ray Borg’s eye injury, but of course it won’t be. Oh well, I’m sure there’ll only be more evidence provided if / when Borg does sue McGregor for almost blinding him.

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