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Watch Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington unleash beef at UFC press conference

Just what UFC 223 weekend needed: more confrontations between guys who aren’t fighting each other in the cage.


UFC welterweights Karamu Usman and Colby Covington brought their Twitter beef into the real world at the UFC 25th Anniversary press conference in New York last night. As if the sport wasn’t saturated with ridiculous drama as it is this weekend, Usman tried to get into it with Covington backstage, with Covington largely ignoring him.

”You only talk on Twitter!” Usman exclaimed after it became apparent Covington wasn’t interested in engaging. “You don’t talk in person, you only talk on Twitter! Can’t talk to me face to face? I’m right in front of you. That’s what I thought, Twitter thug.”

In the background, an amused Khabib Nurmagomedov watched on with a smile.

”Drama show, big drama show,” he said. “All the time, bus situation. Please don’t broke bus.”

Usman continued to poke at Covington during the press conference itself.

“Keep using your time to promote me, that’s why you’re a mark, bitch!” Covington yelled. “You aren’t ready for primetime, boy. That’s why you’re on digital cable and I’m on pay-per-view. Sit down, Junior!”

“You weren’t talking all this trash backstage just now, were you?” Usman replied. “You acting real tough out here in front of the media. Everyone knows you’re fake.”

Covington is set to face Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 225 in Chicago while Usman will face Santiago Ponzinibbio in the main event of UFC Chile. But the UFC better figure out a way to put these two together in the cage before something happens out in the streets.

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