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Midnight Mania! McGregor turns himself into police, will be charged with assault

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight, especially when Conor throws a dolly through a bus window

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Conor McGregor turned himself into police custody and is officially under arrest, as of 10:23 ET. He has multiple charges pending, per Ariel Helwani and NBC News.

This follows his wild day of throwing a dolly through a bus window, injuring several, as he targeted one half of UFC 223’s main event, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Khabib had confronted his teammate Artem Lobov the day before over a video Lobov made in which he spoke ill of Khabib. McGregor flew in from Ireland, showing up unexpectedly on media day. He found his way to the bus with a cadre of followers, and, after picking up a barricade, hurled a dolly through the window of a bus on which Khabib, as well as several other fighters and managers were sitting. Michael Chiesa suffered multiple lacerations and his fight with Anthony Pettis was cancelled; Ray Borg had small pieces of glass in his eye and his fight with Brandon Moreno was also cancelled. Artem Lobov, who was with McGregor during the fracas, had his fight with Alex Caceres cancelled as well. The UFC issued a statement in which it stated McGregor would not be welcome at UFC 223. Dana White, with his typical hyperbole, referred to the event as the most disgusting thing to happen in UFC history.

This isn’t the first aberrant behavior for the Irishman, who slapped an official and shoved a referee at a Bellator event last year, and allegedly got into a bar fight with the father of an Irish mobster, leading many to fear for his life. I posited back then we were seeing a familiar story, the descent of a superstar who has no higher mountains left to conquer. Graduating from monster cans and fines to dollies and jail time certainly supports that hypothesis.

Mug shots coming soon.


Stipe Miocic updated the official record:

McGregor’s escape didn’t last long.

This is no bueno. I feel bad for Ray Borg, and hope there is no permanent damage to his eyes.

Nick Newell wants to step in and fight Anthony Pettis- why not?

Even Norm Kelly, a city councilor in Toronto, had a take.

Jim Miller wrote a ballad about McGregor and cocaine

Dana White is hyperbolic but he’s right that it’s serious.

@frankie__lara @its_chowbacca

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Khabib wasn’t even close to phased.

We interrupt this McGregor stream to bring you Sage Northcutt’s day:

And some good news amidst the destruction:

Nate Diaz sticking up for McGregor wasn’t what I expected, but he did brawl with Nurmagomedov himself after all.

Someone dug up this old picture, which is how the memes came rolling in.

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Cormier clarifies that the Dagestani knuckle game cartel was not, in fact, present, or things would have gotten a lot worse.

True punishment.

This was the clip that sealed it.

Another aside: Mike Perry wants to fight Emil Meek. Platinum vs. Valhalla.

Eventually it became true.

Justin Gaethje’s take is succinct.

Fortunately McGregor turned himself in and didn’t climb a tower.

A side note on Ali Abelaziz, who was in the bus with Khabib. He’s among MMA’s shadiest characters.

Gotta admit this made me laugh.

View from inside the bus:

Indeed a strange day.

Mike Jackson finally got his fight with CM Punk, which means Punk is headed for his second L.

Before it all went down:

Felice Herrig’s video of the incident:

Hawaii Tourism Authority “shutting down” a UFC event in Hawaii wasn’t exactly true- they just wanted a cut of the money.

This is awesome artwork of Rose Namajunas

She’s got the Run The Jewels stamp of approval.

Let’s hope after all this that Khabib does make weight.

Good point

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