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Pic: Jon Jones wants to take UFC fans on vacation, then shoot them

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, is inviting mixed martial arts (MMA) fans to go on vacation with him — and a bunch of other pro athletes — at a series of events to be announced in the coming weeks.

I’m sure it will cost a pretty penny.

While the details have yet to be revealed, it looks like the currently-suspended “Bones” is brushing up on his paintball skills, so fans of Gotcha! or those folks who just like to be shot in the face can suit up and fire back, courtesy of CO2-powered gelatin.

“Can’t wait to introduce this to everyone,” Jones wrote on Instagram. “These events are going to be so lit.”

Let’s hope Jones remembers to bring the paintball gun and not the real McCoy, which could be a legitimate concern when you think back to how much heat he’s been packing. Aside from this video, “Bones” also has some pretty serious hardware at his New Mexico compound.

So ... who’s signing up?

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