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OH S—T!!! Watch Joe Rogan react to Fedor’s knockout win over Frank Mir at Bellator 198 (Video)

Remember when Phil Rizzuto would yell HOLY COW! for every can o’ corn that sailed into left field?

That’s kind of what happened with jiu-jitsu guru Eddie Bravo, who shouted IT’S OVER! four times when Fedor Emelianenko got clipped by Frank Mir at the Bellator 198 mixed martial arts (MMA) event last weekend on The Paramount Network.

Emelianenko quickly recovered, tossed the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight kingpin on his back, then ended their grand prix elimination match by way of technical knockout during the ensuing firefight.

Watch the replay here.

Also tuning into Bellator 198 were UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, along with former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, and the reactions to “The Last Emperor’s” victory were an amalgamation of OH ... OH SHIT ... OH MY GOD ... OHHHHHH.

Typical Rogan.

Emelianenko moves on to fight Chael Sonnen later this year (details), while Mir falls to the back of the line to regroup.

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