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Midnight Mania! Khabib Nurmagomedov wants George St. Pierre after beating Holloway

UFC 205: Weigh-ins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Khabib Nurmagomedov is among the best grapplers in MMA history. At 25-0, he has gone 9 fights undefeated in the UFC, with only one of those bouts, an early decision against Gleison Tibau, being a close contest. This weekend, he faces late replacement Max Holloway, the featherweight champion who elected to step up after Tony Ferguson suffered a freak injury.

Khabib’s specialty skillset and his thus far unstoppable Dagestani brand of relentless aggression have earned him a lot of fans, and his willingness to let the trash talk fly is earning him even more. While many see him as the natural foil to McGregor’s Irish braggadocio, the Russian has another big-name opponent in mind: George St. Pierre. One of the most dominant wrestlers to ever grace the sport, French-Canadian St. Pierre was most recently seen taking Michael Bisping’s middleweight strap via rear-naked choke, only to give it up almost immediately and exit the sport once more. The effort to move up in weight wreaked havoc on his body, and was ultimately unsuccessful, verifying what his coaches had been saying for years, that St. Pierre had maxed out his natural size. They maintained that he would have an easier time cutting to lightweight than trying to put on pounds, and that’s what Nurmagomedov envisions: a bout with St. Pierre for the UFC lightweight championship. Speaking to the show WFAN’s Outside the Cage, via

“Madison Square Garden, 155 [pound] belt, Georges St-Pierre,” Nurmagomedov told the show when asked what he would say on the mic post-fight at UFC 223.

The bout could very well be seen as a match to determine the sports’ most dominant grappler ever. St. Pierre was known for his explosive shot takedowns and clinical control, while Nurmagomedov is feared for his diverse arsenal of chain wrestling, sambo throws, trips, and brutal ground-and-pound. The matchup is entirely theoretical at this point, but if Nurmagomedov keeps winning and builds a name for himself, GSP may decide to test himself once more.

What about Conor McGregor? Nurmagomedov has an answer for that too.

“About Conor? I don’t remember when he fight last time,” Nurmagomedov said. “He have to fight with, maybe they [Conor and Ferguson] fight each other, like some prelims where I fight main card.

”Me and Georges St-Pierre main event; they can fight prelims.”

Of course, Max Holloway could easily upstage all this by upsetting Khabib and forging his own narrative as the second simultaneous two-division champion in UFC history.


I like this video as an allegory of 21st century life.

Brian Ortega vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov is a fight I badly want to see now.

Looking at this list, I feel that McGregor’s lifestyle fits right in.

Khabib is now reposting the weird videos I’ve been serving for you here on Midnight Mania since Ronda Rousey was fighting.

This is N.1 bullsh..... #ufc223

A post shared by Khabib Nurmagomedov (@khabib_nurmagomedov) on

The Tony Ferguson freak injury happening ON APRIL FOOLS DAY was truly peak MMA.

It upstaged everyone’s pre-emptive jokes

This was all of us.

The news was bad but the memes were good

Idea credit: @saritamenchu

A post shared by As Shopped As It Gets (@as_shopped_as_it_gets_) on

This was absolutely me last night. After extensive tape study today I can tell you with confidence I have no idea.

Looking at the size of Nurmy’s arms, it doesn’t seem likely.

Max is Blessed to be a blessing

The number one bullshit here is Tony getting stripped of his interim belt.

#UFC223 #TonyFergusonMMA SnapJitsu™️ #SnapDownCity

A post shared by @TonyFergusonxt (@tonyfergusonxt) on

Max is going to fight to mutual death, evidently. Also, he would be great at writing Midnight Mania.

Battle between King Cobra and Reticulated Python. Both dead when found #UFC223

A post shared by Max Holloway (@blessedmma) on

The span of Vitor Belfort’s career is truly remarkable and a testament to supplements.

Sarah McMann is starting relationship wars on Instagram.

The real April Fools joke.

I knew Nicco Montano was Navajo and in extreme poverty before winning the belt, but it’s good the UFC are reminding us they do indeed have a women’s flyweight champion.

Chuck Liddell explaining his unique striking style.

Slips, Rips, and Whatever This Is

Seriously... it pains me he did not even think about a body shot here. It did not cross his mind.

He looked utterly nonplussed

No one will break down a triangle-armbar choke like John Danaher

Crazy comeback.

Podcasts and Video

Mixed Martial Arfs: Dominick Cruz and Dojo the dog.

Andrew Richardson won his pro MMA debut with ease!

The MMA Hour

Flyin Brian J reacts to Holloway stepping in for Tony Ferguson:

Must-watch fights for April, minus Condit vs. Brown because we can’t have nice fights

Random Land

He cheated

Watch Complete :) Vid by @toto_ddung_ee

A post shared by Black Jaguar-White Tiger (@blackjaguarwhitetiger) on

I don’t get into this debate, but this thread of Michael Jordan clowning mostly skinny white boys is amazing.

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