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Chael Sonnen vows to dispatch Fedor fast in second round of Bellator Grand Prix

Sonnen is set to face Emelianenko, and already we can tell the pre-fight build up is going to be entertaining.


Fedor Emelianenko emerged victorious in a fast and brutal fight with Frank Mir to win his first bout in the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix (watch the highlights here). The 49 second knockout of Mir cements his side of the bracket: next he’ll face Chael Sonnen, who typically fights at middleweight but managed to defeat a heavyweight sized Quinton “Rampage” Jackson back in January to move forward as well.

Following Fedor’s win, Chael Sonnen was called into the cage for a faceoff, and the always outspoken fighter had a WWE style promo ready to drop regarding his next challenge.

”I think the only thing I hate more than being right here in Chicago is being in here with you,” he declared. “And I assure you next time I am, it will not be for long.”

The comments drew boos from the Chicago crowd at the Allstate Arena, but didn’t seem to phase Fedor much. With a small smile he offered his hand to Chael, who accepted before they got into faceoff position for the cameras.

Never one to pass up an opportunity for promotion, Chael later shared a photo with the caption “The greatest heavyweight ever and Fedor.”

We imagine this is just the beginning of what should be some A++ trolling on Chael’s part leading up to his big underdog fight with Emelianenko.

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