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Dillon Danis wants Ben Askren in Bellator: ‘If I say get him, we’ll get him’

After beating a 2-3 fighter in his debut, Danis wants to jump up and take on undefeated ONE FC champ Askren.


After months of hype and endless smack talk, jiu jitsu expert and Conor McGregor teammate / copycat Dillon Danis finally made his MMA debut at Bellator 198, defeating 2-3 fighter Kyle Walker just 1:38 into the first round with a toe hold (watch the finish here).

It was a solid performance from the prospect that showed off some holes on the feet and his skills on the ground, but you’d think Danis had just won the belt off Bellator welterweight champ Rory MacDonald rather than a softball of a catchweight by the way he talked afterwards.

“I said this before I came in: no one has ever experienced submissions like this in MMA,” he told Big John McCarthy in the cage. “I’m too good. This is another level. ... I’m the one that created all this. I did all the media. I built up this whole card. So all the bums on the rest of the card are going to call me out now.”

As for who he wanted to face next, he had an eyebrow raising suggestion: undefeated ONE FC champ Ben Askren.

”I was thinking, maybe, Ben Askren,” he said. “We’ll see.”

”I believe I’m the one to derail his win streak,” Danis explained during the post-fight press conference. “He would not be able to handle me on the ground and he has no striking. So it would end up in the ground and I would submit him easily.”

Unfortunately for Dillon (and haters that want to see Dillon smashed), Bellator president Scott Coker threw cold water on the idea of Askren coming over to fight in Bellator.

”Ben, I don’t really think wants to fight,” Coker said after the event. “I think he wants to fight one more fight and be done with it. That’s what I understand. ... I want fighters that are going to be here fighting.”

But Danis, continuing to try and channel the kind of juice Conor McGregor squeezes in the UFC, sounded confident he could make Coker change his mind.

”I just told Scott Coker to bless him with a one day contract,” Danis declared. “If I say get him, we’ll get him.”

As Askren himself noted, perhaps Danis should defeat a fighter with a winning record first.