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Shooting of Mayweather bodyguard impacts UFC’s Nick Diaz, victim ‘too big to dodge bullets’

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UFC 183: Silva v Diaz Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Gregory LaRosa was shot and wounded earlier this month in Atlanta, Ga., after leaving a nightclub and driving back to his hotel in one of three vehicles. LaRosa, employed as a bodyguard for boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr., was hospitalized but later released.

Mayweather was believed to be part of the motorcade but was not in the vehicle that was struck. According to the press release issued by Atlanta police, the attack was not random, though a specific target was not named.

Sometimes these things happen in MMA it’s just gonna go down.

“That was my boy that got shot I think,” Diaz told TMZ. “Bro, I hope you feel better. Two of them, actually. My big friend, my tall friend, I was like ‘Man you’re too big, you can’t dodge no bullets.’ Sometimes it’s just gonna go down. When it goes down, it goes down.”

And LaRosa went down.

Diaz knows a thing or two about public scuffles, having thrown hands with UFC rival Khabib Nurmagomedov at one of the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) events (video). That shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider his “fucked up childhood.”

If and when the recently-reinstated Diaz returns to the Octagon remains to be seen.

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