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Surprise! Sage Northcutt packs on 25 pounds of muscle, gets ambushed by USADA

I can’t believe United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) would waste its time going after someone like Sage Northcutt. What could the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight phenom have possibly done to warrant such attention?

Ya’ know, besides pack on 25 pounds of rock-hard muscle.

Northcutt was drug tested this week as part of the promotion’s war against performance-enhancing drugs. “Super Sage” was last seen capturing a unanimous decision win over Thibault Gouti at UFC Austin last February.

That performance established Northcutt, who now trains at Team Alpha Male, as a legitimate ratings draw and actually beat the main event, as well as the competition over at Bellator MMA (more on that here).

The 22-year-old Northcutt is now 10-2 in his still-young mixed martial arts (MMA) career and has also tested the waters at 170 pounds. His goal is to become the most well-rounded fighter in his division.

He’s certainly the most chiseled.

Sea bass > horse meat.

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