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Pic: Ray Borg’s baby has successful brain surgery (Updated)

If you’re a parent, you will not be able to look at this photo and not have a case of the feels. Heck, even if you don’t have kids, watching someone send their baby into brain surgery should jostle your insides.

If not, please take a long hard look in the mirror.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight contender Ray Borg, who lost his UFC 223 bus window fight by way of technical knockout (doctor’s stoppage), got more bad news this month when it was discovered his newly-born son Anthony developed hydrocephalus.

More commonly known as water on the brain.

“Anybody who complains about how hard life is, or cries about not getting the new iPhone or new Xbox etc., I encourage you or some one you know to spend 24 hours in a children’s hospital,” Borg wrote on Twitter. “You will realize quickly how good you have it compared to these children.”

Having worked in a hospital and spent time in the children’s intensive care unit, I can assure any tough guy gangster out there that nothing is more heartbreaking than the screams of children in pain.

Borg (11-3) hasn’t competed since a submission loss to reigning flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson last October, but is expected to return to action at the upcoming UFC Fight Night 129 event next month in Chile.

UPDATE: Sounds like little Anthony isn’t out of the woods just yet.

We’ll keep you updated just as soon as we have more information.

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