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Derrick Lewis will make UFC wannabe Greg Hardy his wife, beat him like a battered spouse

Derrick Lewis is into role playing.

Therefore, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) wannabe Greg Hardy, who is reportedly getting s shot at mixed martial arts (MMA) superstardom by way of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series (DWTNCS), will get to be “The Black Beast’s” wife at some point during his combat sports career.

Where he will get beaten like a battered spouse.

“He’s a wife beater, I’d like to get in there with him,” Lewis told TMZ Sports. “I like knocking wife beaters out. I’ll fight Greg Hardy. It’ll be like vice versa him beating on a woman. I’ll be beating him like he was a woman.”

Hardy, 3-0 as an amateur with three knockouts, was arrested for domestic violence back in 2014 when he played football for the Carolina Panthers. The charges were eventually tossed when the alleged victim — who settled a civil suit with Hardy — failed to appear in court.

”I grew up watching my mom and my stepdad fight just about every single damn day,” Lewis said in the days after signing a contract to fight Francis Ngannou. “Fist fighting every day for stupid stuff. I don’t tolerate stuff like that at all.”

Lewis made his stance on domestic violence known when he melted Travis Browne roughly one year back.

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