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Midnight Mania! Jon Jones promises Alex Gustafsson ‘you will never beat me’

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Gallery Photo: UFC 165 results recap: Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson fight photos gallery from Toronto

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jon Jones, whatever else you may say about the man, and you may say a lot, is an unbelievably confident fighter. Evidently having gotten wind of Gustafsson’s latest talk in his direction, Jonny Bones directed a savage tweet in his direction tearing down the Swede with extreme verbal prejudice.

@AlexTheMauler Beat me in three? Your hands were the only thing you had over me in our first fight. That gap is closing fast. Our first fight will be the greatest thing you’ve ever done inside of that octagon. You will never beat me, and that’s my promise to you.

The cutting edge of the tweet is the assertion, likely true, that Gustafsson’s greatest moment in the Octagon was going five highly competitive rounds with Jon Jones back in 2013, at UFC 165. After landing a fight-altering spinning elbow in the fourth round, Jones battled back from adversity with his arsenal of kicks and elbows to win a unanimous decision, 48-47x2 and 49-46.

Gustafsson did outbox Jones in that bout, a deficiency Jones believes he is rectifying, perhaps with his late night mitt sessions. I’ll leave the discerning reader to decide if Jones is right about that.

Here’s a few clips from the other nights extreme pattycake session.

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Of course, for the lanky Swede to beat Jones- a feat he says would mean more than winning the belt- Jones will need to avoid a lengthy suspension from the NSAC. “Bones” is facing suspension because of a second failed drug test for steroids before his rematch with Daniel Cormier, the latest in a long string of life disasters for the widely regarded light heavyweight Greatest Of All Time (GOAT).

Gustafsson recently re-upped with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but with division champion Daniel Cormier preparing to fight Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight belt in July, Gustafsson will either have to wait or look elsewhere for his next bout.


This is absolutely brutal. What an emotional roller coaster.

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60% of the time it works every time

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This meme is totally true

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Israel Adesanya explains his bizarre post-fight speech

My doggo Milli thaught me that!! ☠ #millionaire #doggo #ufcglendale

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Look at this lion ducking under for the takedown

Relevant to Frankie Edgar and possibly Edson Barboza:

Project Spearhead is coming out with merch

Congrats to Drax the Destroyer

Chris Evans doing choreography for The Winter Soldier, still the best Captain America movie.

Speaking of Captain America 2, this is real life. I can’t be sure, but this has to be in Russia.

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Rob Delaney plays a character, Peter, in the new Deadpool trailer, who appears to have no superpowers at all. He also has a Twitter account. I really just want to know who is running it. My guess is... Rob himself? He’s pretty funny, but this is just comedic and marketing genius.

He’s just an ordinary guy who likes beekeeping and nature and thinks his wife is cheating on him

Peter would like this picture

Photo by @alex_dawson_photography #Destination_wild

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