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Let’s talk about that time Yancy Medeiros went drinking with Nick Diaz and woke up naked in the shower

MMA: UFC 218-Olivera vs Medeiros Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight fan favorite, Yancy Medeiros, was recently booked to throw hands opposite fellow 170-pound slugger, Mike Perry, at the upcoming UFC 226 pay-per-view (PPV) event on July 7, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But we don’t need to talk about that just yet. That’s not until July!

Instead, we need to talk about that time Medeiros went drinking with longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Nick Diaz, only to find himself naked in the shower with no idea how he got there.

From his conversation with Radio.

“Whatever Nick does, he’s great at it. Whatever it is. If he puts his heart, his mind and soul into it, he’s top notch, one of the best in it. When it comes to jiu jitsu, when it comes to boxing, whatever it is, man, he’s so good at keeping to that… triathlons. Even partying if you wanted to. You can’t out-drink Nick. He’ll make you go to sleep, brother. The first time I ever got drunk, blacked out, was at Nick’s. He freaking Jedi mind tricked me man. I swear, he just kept passing me Jameson. Boom, boom, boom! Next thing I know, I woke up in the shower, naked.”

At least he didn’t wake up with a nunchaku in his face.

Diaz recently came off suspension from United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and could find himself back inside the Octagon later this year, assuming he’s willing to jump through the necessary hoops.

As for Medeiros, he’s looking to get back inside the win column after coming up short against “Cowboy” Cerrone last February. That defeat snapped “The Kid’s” three-fight winning streak, but he can pick up right where he left off this summer in “Sin City.”

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